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PROPERTY THEFT - CIVIL RICO - Motion to Reverse Judgment

I am now posting the last filing of May 1, 2017; MOTION TO REVERSE JUDGMENT...  Contrary to U.S. Constitutional guarantees courts can be biased against pro se litigants.  Not only did Judge Vescovo, who was assigned to "screen" my Civil RICO Complaint evidence bias, but she has an overwhelming conflict of interest with the big-bank defendants whom she favored. If due process, fairness, and the right to have the factual allegations believed at the screening juncture had not been denied me... even then this particular Judge should never have been assigned my case. In effect she did not screen my case, but ruled on it repeatedly misquoting and altering the factual allegations while omitting and altering all reference relevant to the RICO Claims. 
This judicial abuse of power speaks to the absolute conviction that given the huge imbalance of power between a Federal Judge and a pro se litigant, filing under pauper status, no one will go back and read what I did allege to be true, …

AMENDED ASSIGNMENT OF ERRORS: Denial of Due Process, Alteration of the Factual Allegations in favor of Big-Bank Defendants

On May 1, 2017 I filed three documents with the U.S. District Court - Western District of Tennessee.  These documents are a matter of public record and can be accessed by anyone at:  Most people will not go there to find these cases or pay the money to do so.  In the interest of the public welfare I am posting these filings on my blog.  ...the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their deeds were evil.  For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed (John 3: 19, 20).  
I previously posted the MOTION FOR RECUSAL. Judge Vescovo, who has a blatant conflict of interest with the major banking defendants has aggressively held onto my case obstructing it from ever seeing the light of a courtroom.  To put my statement in context please read the MOTION FOR RECUSAL.