Below is a letter I mailed to Dr. Ben Carson c/o President Elect Trump; letter copied to Donald Trump.  Will they receive and actually read the letters I mailed yesterday?  I have no idea. Therefore I am posting this as an open letter in hopes that Dr. Carson, and perhaps even President Elect Trump, will read it.   

Please also read: MOTION FOR RECUSAL...  That our largest banks can obstruct justice, influence outcome at a federal district court is dangerous to the public welfare. Link below.

December 15, 2016

Dear Dr. Carson:

I am a senior citizen.  I was a victim of a property theft scheme, targeted by white collar criminals as unlikely to fight back.  My home was targeted for its significant equity.  What I encountered at HUD was apathy.  Tolerance for criminals networked with Bank of America to facilitate property theft.  Although I offered proof of theft and misuse of the HUD system as a vehicle to commit the chain of theft, HUD was not in the least interested in looking at this proof; to the detriment of the public welfare.
  I repeatedly called HUD, wrote letters and basically begged for help.  I needed information that to this day, except for the 8/20/2012 HUD-1 closing document, acquired under a FOIA Request, my pleas for information and partnership in exposing fraud went unanswered.  If there was a mechanism at HUD for referring my case for criminal investigation, I as a public citizen evidently had no right to access that option.
   Not using the exact right institutional language in framing my requests, a bar too high for public citizens, was the excuse to deny me information.  Many times I had to conduct research and come back again with my requests for help rephrased in a different manner.  My heart hurts for the numbers of victims that have had their requests derailed by a total lack of proactive assistance and an insidious tolerance for crime; using the HUD system to perfect property theft. 

BRIEF OVERVIEW: An REO Private Investor Group used the HUD system to perfect a twist on the Property Flip - Equity Skimming Scheme.  Because of the significant equity the step process included features common to the Reverse Mortgage Property Theft Scheme.  All these schemes are described in fraud teaching manuals, but evidently not resonating with HUD employees; including supervisors whom one would think would have this training.  It is common for white collar criminals to combine features of these classic financial schemes; adapting them to the victim and robbery goals.  The Property Flip Scheme is used to launder the chain of title to stolen residential homes for the same reason that illegally gotten drug money is laundered.  These five flips (sales) among same parties, laundering the chain of title.  Each flip involving four lenders involved HUD fraud.  
   The REO Private Investors devalued my home by $134,000; secretly purchasing my home from Bank of America on 5/16/2011 for $100,000. ... 

INSERT: To demonstrate how ludicrous this $100,000 sale price I've attached photographs of my home during the time I had it listed for sale and was living there.  The same time it was secretly sold to the white collar criminals - what I call the Jones, Kelley, Boyd Perpetrator Nexus - REO Private Investor Group.

...A Certificate of Abandonment would not have been verified by any lender connected to this theft.  Devaluation required a fraudulent appraisal, the phony Certificate of Abandonment, and self-dealing blind acceptance of the fraud narrative corrupting official records.
   The all important fraud narrative is inserted into bank records and is adapted to the circumstances of each victim.  In my case it was claimed that my home was  abandoned and derelict and I lived with my ex-husband in another state; a complete unmitigated lie.  Bank of America and the REO Secret Note Owners, then transferred servicing rights to a third party Mortgage Servicer Company.  The role of the Servicer was to perfect the phony default based on the fraud narrative.  In all communication with me, from 8/15/2011 thru 4/25/2012 the secret third party Mortgage Servicer Company represented themselves as Bank of America so that at any given time I was totally in the dark as to whom I was actually communicating with.   
   AS this secret back-story was playing out, it was entirely concealed from me.  I had no recognition of what was happening.  I was applying for HAMP and also (covering my bases) attempting to sell my own home.  I listed my home for sale on 5/5/2011. Eleven days later Bank of America secretly sold my home on 5/16/2011 per a JP Morgan Chase Bank Loan for $100,000 to the white collar criminal - REO Private Investors.  My listing, the only listing that was not a fraud device i.e., MLS #3223195 per Crye Leike Realty, legitimately valued my home at $234,000.  This listing was easily accessed per a simple Internet search, complete with photographs and the contact information of my realtor.  Her photographs of my home and this listing contradicted all claims of an abandoned and derelict property.  Contradicted the phony valuation which allowed the secret, illegal sale to the REO Private Investors for $100,000; undervalued by $134,000.  Later these same photographs were submitted with a decoy HUD-1, by the HUD appraiser who used them to confirm phony improvements made to the so called abandoned property rescued by the REO Note Owner Fraudsters "protecting neighborhood property values." This home improvement loan was pure profit, the loan funds not utilized for the stated purpose (Bank Fraud) and pocketed by the fraudster REO Investment Group.  
   Although this only valid listing that was not a fraud device evidenced by MLS #3223195 (selling price $234,000 - Crye Leike Realty) fell within the reporting requirements of HUD it was strategically omitted from the HUD-1 and the decoy HUD-1 comparisons.  This listing would also been concealed from each of the four known lenders who assisted in flipping the theft-asset, "laundering" the title of my property.  
   Was HUD interested in any of this?  No they were not.  I might as well have been speaking to a brick wall.  As a public citizen I was accorded no credibility to make these claims even when I offered proof and sent exhibits.  Why?  Because the fix was in and Obama's commitment to protect the banks, too big to fail, was carried out by HUD autocrats institutionally committed to bury desperate pleas for help from victims like me who had lost, per this fraud scheme, nearly all my worldly possessions.  

THE HUD1 AND THE DECOY HUD1 / I repeatedly called and begged for recognition that my home and its equity, was stolen. And that HUD was used by white collar criminals to perfect the chain of theft.  
   I acquired the first HUD-1 via a FOIA Request.  I acquired a partial copy of a second-decoy HUD-1, as a result of the complaint I lodged with the State of Tennessee against the HUD Appraiser for which he was mildly reprimanded...

(Larry Lane Billings,- Compliant No. 2015011901)

INSERT / Getting the State of TN to take any action whatsoever was like pulling teeth.  They failed to send crucial evidence of fraud to the HUD reviewer which allowed the State of TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance to manage and marginalize the substance of the fraud scheme which has a dangerous national footprint of operation and is certainly impacting other Tennessee citizens.  Only after I reminded them that they were sitting on proof of bank fraud did they take any action whatsoever. At which time the selected omission of evidence, failure to meet with me to go over my evidence, caused the reviewer to have a limited understanding and miss some salient proof of fraud. 

... Although use of a decoy HUD-1 is a blatant red flag, the persons I spoke to at HUD had  absolutely no interest in this; didn't even want a copy.  My experience with HUD employees at the Atlanta office was that they were "managing me," marginalizing my claims of theft, ignoring the proven national footprint of operation so that my complaint and the numerous red flags denoting fraud went absolutely nowhere.  
   The last flip and the HUD-1 acquired under FOIA, facilitated the 8/20/2012 "flip" per lender: Evolve Bank & Trust.  This was the fifth of five flips that succeeded in moving the chain of title out from under the secrecy of MERS into the public land records; looking like just an average residential sale to random purchasers. In fact this was a conflict of interest, arm in arm purchase by the same REO Private Investors.  Same buyer, same seller, same listing agent, same listing office, decoy HUD-1, decoy realtor.  
   The Evolve Bank & Trust, HUD-1 forges and forward dates by exactly one year the first secret sale of my home to the REO Private Investor Group via the JP Morgan Chase Bank Loan.  Changing the year... from 5/16/2011 to 5/16/2012.  Forward-dating various events in the chain of theft was a theme throughout and was no minor mistake of the HUD licensed appraiser.  The HUD-1, Uniform Residential Appraiser Report reads:  "normal sale to an owner occupant on 5/16/2012 for $100,000;" by no means a normal residential sale and a flagrant lie; devaluation of the theft-asset for purposes of price-fixing.  This "sale" actually taking place in May 2011 before launch of the HAMP Fraud scheme on 8/15/2011.   What happened to me is sadly, not unique and even though HAMP has pretty much run its course, the same chain of theft is today impacting countless homeowners.  
   This HUD-1, does document shared commission in the amount of $9,415.00 between Keller Williams and the decoy real estate firm, ERA Chamberwood Realty Group; see L, Settlement Charges. Instructions were conveyed over the Core Logic - Equator Work Order and tie all these parties together and which HUD had no interest in seeing a copy of.  They also had no interest in seeing MLS #3249765 which documents the Keller Williams listing agent also the buyer; acting as the straw buyer for the REO Investment Group.  Per this same HUD-1, Michelle Brunk, a Keller Williams Florida realtor, robo signed for Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon long after Bank of New York Mellon, as Trustee for the CWALT Investors were paid off at a loss by the white collar criminals in September 2011.  And long after Bank of America secretly transferred servicing rights on 5/19/2011 (no disclosure to me) three days after this first illegal sale based on the fraud narrative on 5/16/2011.  Thus concealing per the HUD-1 the true parties to the Evolve Bank Trust FHA Loan Scheme (bank fraud); REO Investors perfecting the chain of  theft via this last flip and using HUD to do so.  
   Because the buyer and seller is one and the same entity, cash back at closing  was paid to the criminals.  The Evolve Bank & Trust HUD-1, acquired under FOIA, documents cash back at closing in the amount of $10,393,00.  Each of the five flips (sales among same parties) required a listing.  The listing and fraud device presented to Evolve Bank & Trust perfecting the FHA fraud scheme on 8/20/2012 is a corrupted version of fraud tool, MLS #3249765.  This altered corrupt MLS, also a fraud tool, omits Keller Williams as the listing agent and Keller Williams Note owner and straw buyers, Vernon Wayne Boyd and Sherry White Boyd.  A key filing instrument which proved Boyd's, Keller Williams Realtors, were straw buying a property they already owned was withheld from public filing by the colluding title company until after the FHA Loan with Evolve Bank & Trust was safely closed.  Therefore concealing recognition that the buyer and seller are one and the same...  Buying, "flipping" a property they've owned since 5/16/2011 and using the HUD System to perfect the chain of theft.  
   I have sadly concluded that Evolve Bank & Trust, who gathered and reviewed the closing documents... 

INSERT / I'm leaving part of this paragraph out of the public blog. 

... the complete lack of due diligence by this loan officer, who could view and access the secret transfer history of my home over the MERS System and could access my listing of 5/5/2011 is staggering in the complete lack of due diligence...  implies collusion with the REO Private Investment Group.  

My numerous attempts at trying to interest HUD in this fraud scheme to the extent that they would do something about it came to nothing.  It seemed to me that the culture at HUD saw me as a problem.  Why didn't I just give up and go away as countless others probably had?  They had no concern that as a senior citizen I was made homeless by this fraud scheme.  I cried as I described how under threats, lies, harassment, and misrepresentations of authority I was forced from my home by what I came to call the Criminal Enterprise "muscle;" the decoy realtor, ERA Chamberwood Realty Group. This illegal seizure of my property, based on the claim that a Fayette County TN Judge had ordered my eviction was a lie.  NO such order existed, not known to me until 2014.  
   If anyone at HUD bothered to check the fraud narrative inserted into Bank of America records, my sense is that they would believe this fraud narrative of an abandoned property and never looked twice at the fraud riddled HUD-1 and the decoy HUD-1, along with numerous other pieces of evidence - multiple red flags denoting fraud.  All at their finger tips to obtain and investigate.  HUD couldn't be bothered.  

I filed a Civil RICO Case in federal court on 4/20/2016.  Not having an attorney my case was dismissed on screening as time barred; dated per the third flip of the Note disguised as a foreclosure so as to perfect the illegal seizure of my home on 4/25/2012.  When I told HUD that I had uncovered 32 pattern examples which displayed the same chain of theft, offered to send them the documentation... well, there was no interest whatsoever.  If I had any real help from HUD it would not have been necessary to appeal this Civil RICO Case, under pauper status and pro se to the 6th Circuit which I have done.  It isn't too late for HUD to help me.  

INSERT: United States District Court, Memphis, TN.  Originating Case No. 2:16-cv-02263.  4/20/2016.  Amended Complaint filed November 15, 2016.  Objection to the Report and Recommendations filed: August 2, 2016
United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.  Alexandra Clair v. Bank of America N.A., et al.  Case No. 16-6672.  Assignment of Errors filed: November 5, 2016.

I am now legally homeless and I'm hoping, praying you can help me.  Many times I have had to choose between buying food or buying computer ink; paying for copies of documents so as to investigate this fraud scheme; work that people better situated, in positions of authority, should have taken up.

I will be praying for your success, for I know that a man of ethics and faith like you, can and will change the toxic culture at HUD which I directly experienced.  Toxic institutional systems resist change and so I know you will need prayer.  As a result of my experience I must sadly conclude that the HUD System appears to be designed to protect criminals, while disenfranchising victims; even the poorest among us.  Please change this.  And if you can help me I'd be very grateful.  

May Jesus Christ, in whom is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2: 3) guide, bless and empower the needed change that you and President Elect, Donald Trump, will bring to these systems that have entirely forgotten those they are mandated to serve.  

Yours Truly:  
Alexandra Clair / (901) 504-9704

Below are a few of the photographs from my original listing - the only listing that was not a fraud device.  MLS #3223195 - Crye Leike Realty Listing which extended from 5/5/2011 thru 11/6/2011; priced to sell in the depressed market of the day at $234,000.  This listing was sabotaged.  Not just because it was "dual listed" on industry only websites, but that it was identified as REO Owned as of 5/16/2011. I therefore had only three showings of my home during this time. I was not upside down on my loan. I could have sold my home, paid off all debt, and still walked away with cash.  I had been pre-qualified to apply for HAMP, sabotaged by the undisclosed 3rd party Mortgage Servicer Company who pretended to be Bank of America in all communication with me.  

This is accomplished per the Bank of America shared computer system networked through Bank of America preferred vendors. Other banks use versions of the same system to conceal the chain of theft of these mortgages.  

The property was targeted for its equity skimming potential and me, experiencing a tragedy at that time, as unlikely to fight back.  The perfect victim of Con-Artist Fraudsters and a feature common to the other victims I uncovered in the 32 pattern examples; all Oakland, TN properties.    
     These photographs were commandeered by the REO Private Investors, white collar criminals, to posture phony improvements which they claimed to have made to a derelict and abandoned property.  The fictitious home improvement loan funds pure profit to these criminals.  
        Does this look to you like an abandoned and derelict Property? It was conveyed to the fraudsters for $100,000; devaluation for purposes of fraud qualifies as Bank Fraud.  It was actually a fraudulent appraisal that got me started on investigating the theft of my home which led to me being threatened.  From 5/19/2011 my home showed on industry only websites like the Core Logic - Equator platform as an REO Owned Property. Therefore sabotaging my own listing. No realtor was going to show a property lacking a clean chain of title.  

Yes, I'm writing a book.  Emotional work since it takes me back and too often I find myself with tears flowing down my cheeks as I write.  Given a level playing field...  The absence of fraud and price fixing... would you have bought this house, sitting on the 6th hole of a golf course for $100,000?  







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