TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE AND INSURANCE - will my second complaint filed today open a real investigation? Or will it suffer the same fate as the first... limited, cursory, and giving a pass to white collar criminals?

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I just filed a second complaint with the department within TN government that oversees the licensing of appraisers. My hope is that they will do their jobs.  My first complaint, now closed (complaint #201501190) described theft of my home by white collar criminals based on a series of fraudulent appraisals. The complaint was closed with a mere slap on the wrist to the last involved appraiser and no acknowledgement or apparent recognition of the chain of theft and crimes that were committed.  

Passing the buck they've suggested that I hire an attorney (I can't afford to do so) and that this is a job for a district attorney.  Well... what about the TN Attorney Generals Office?  And... from whom do they imagine these referrals come?  The TN Department of Commerce and Insurance is failing in their duty to protect disenfranchised TN citizens.  And they know it.  

More important for the welfare of TN citizens, those in control of outcome of my complaint chose to constrain and limit the investigation.  Despite the threat of ongoing theft per the same chain of theft assaulting other victims they are basically done.  And done with me.  I'm now supposed to give up and go away.  Well, sorry I care about future victims, even if they don't.  I've now asked them to open a new investigation based on the complaint I filed today.  

In the first complaint they ignored the fraud riddled and decoy HUD1 along with other selected and incomplete paperwork supplied by the appraiser in his defense. They have refused to meet with me to look at my evidence.  Why?  Because God-forbid they might actually be then required to do more than a cursory, deliberately limited and superficial investigation into a practice that has wide spread and toxic implications for homeowners all across this state.  They are protecting the criminals in failing to investigate the role of fraud-serving appraisals of my property in execution of what the FBI calls a Property Flip - Equity Skimming Scheme upon which corrupt, secret, and false property valuations depend.  

At the core of operations of this type of scheme are both the kingpin REO Private Investors who target these properties directly to banks, but must also collaborate with those willing state licensed appraisers (required of an FHA Loan) who will sell their integrity by affirming a corrupt valuation. Remember... this is an equity skimming scheme.  Undervalue the equity and resale value to banks (bank fraud) and the dollars add up fast.  Add to that an inflated and, or, bogus home improvement loan.  Then multiply whatever average the theft number come to by thousands of victims.  The TN Department of Commerce and Insurance is turning a blind eye.   

A fraud narrative establishes the right of third party REO Investors to obtain mortgages directly from the banks with no disclosure to homeowners like Linda Howard (her story below per Sept. blog.) 

My home was sold to REO Investors in May 2011 by Bank of America, per a JP Morgan Chase bank loan taken out by the REO-fraudsters.  The sale and disclosing filing instruments were withheld from public scrutiny and deliberately not filed at the Register of Deeds Office in Fayette County, TN. This omission serves to impede recognition of this illegal first (flip) sale which under-valued my home by over $130,000; the corrupt first appraisal being a significant red flag.  There was no disclosure of this sale, nor of the change in Note Owner or change in the Mortgage Servicer ever made to me by Bank of America. The single goal was now the illegal seizure of my home based on threats, misrepresentations of authority and lies per ERA Chamberwood Realty Group functioning as the decoy Real Estate Company for Keller Williams - MEM 2, LLC.        

During the same period, in May 2011 that Bank of America secretly off-loaded my home for $100,000, I attempted to sell my own home. Taking the advice of my realtor who conducted comparisons of similar properties in my immediate neighborhood we agreed to at a sale price of $234,000.  This sale price is documented per MLS No.3223195 which ran from 5/5/2011 thru 11/6/2011 (6 months) and is the one and only legal valuation and listing that is not a fraud device.  The Crye Leike Realty marketing photographs taken by my Realtor on 5/5 2011 were later commandeered by the fraudsters to posture improvements made that were not needed; a fact that the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance has totally ignored despite requests by me that this be addressed i.e. to investigate how these photographs were presented in the Billings defense of my complaint.  Unknown to me, my home was then shown as REO Owned over industry only platforms and over the MERS system at the ludicrous sale price of $100,000.  

Of course, serving the fraud narrative, Larry Billings omitted the one and only valid listing and valuation of my home by Crye Leike Realty (MLS No.3223195) from his HUD comparisons since it contradicted his own conclusions which the REO Private Investors needed to perfect the chain of theft of my home per a last flip with Evolve Bank & Trust.  This was by no means even minimally addressed in the final conclusions of that first complaint.  Billings likely had nothing to do with the first appraisal that justified the sale for $100,000.  He could turn whistle blower and call the District Attorney's Office.   

Needless to say whatever illegal appraisal justified this sale price at $100,000 - a day glow red fraud flag - did sabotage my listing and prevented me from selling my own property at a time when I lived in my home. The role of the various Appraisers and fraudulent valuations utilized as a fraud device is not addressed in any way by the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance.  I have to assume that complaints by other TN residents running along this same vein have been systematically derailed in the same manner and per the same level of negligence by those with the power and duty to protect TN Citizens from white collar criminals.   

Keeping targeted home owners in the dark is exactly where con artists need their victims.  

So.. will the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance actually investigate theft of my home upon which a series of fraudulent corrupt appraisals by Licensed Professionals depend.   So far the answer is a resounding "no."  The investigation they did was superficial, cursory, and carefully constructed to limit the scope of their responsibility. 

Ask yourself.  Who does this failure help? Who does this failure hurt?  Count on the fact that when interest rates rise the numbers of TN victims who will be totally blindsided by theft of their homes will rise making some of these families and seniors homeless.  I'd like to see that addressed and dealt with now.  

I'll keep you posted as to whether the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance will open another complaint file that addresses these larger issues and actually investigate these crimes.  Or will they allow corrupt appraisers to continue serving the REO Fraud Network.  The Cook County Property Theft Unit (TN doesn't have one) has said that it is easier to steal a house than a car in the United States of America.  Sadly this is true.  

UPDATE.  As expected, since the fix is in and TN Government are far more invested in protecting the industry than they are in the public welfare.  My second complaint was promptly closed.  







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