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TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE AND INSURANCE - will my second complaint filed today open a real investigation? Or will it suffer the same fate as the first... limited, cursory, and giving a pass to white collar criminals?

Please also read: MOTION FOR RECUSAL...  That our largest banks can obstruct justice, influence outcome at a federal district court is dangerous to the public welfare. Link below.
I just filed a second complaint with the department within TN government that oversees the licensing of appraisers. My hope is that they will do their jobs.  My first complaint, now closed (complaint #201501190) described theft of my home by white collar criminals based on a series of fraudulent appraisals. The complaint was closed with a mere slap on the wrist to the last involved appraiser and no acknowledgement or apparent recognition of the chain of theft and crimes that were committed.  

Passing the buck they've suggested that I hire an attorney (I can't afford to do so) and that this is a job for a district attorney.  Well... what about the TN Attorney Generals Office?  And... from whom do they imagine these refe…