"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by definition, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."  
Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin. (1802)

Sometimes we hear people quote little sayings that fall into the category of common sense advice.  "One bad apple spoils the entire barrel" is an example.  

As I watched Fox News and listened to Rudy Giuliani and Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former deputy director of the FBI whose name escapes me, and others comment and even lament for the now damaged reputation of the current FBI director and the significant failure of the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to treat Hilary Clinton like any other citizen who has broken the law. Well, I felt sad and even tempted to discouragement.   

When civil servants who hold the public trust fail to protect the greater welfare of "we the people" the system itself is invited to accept corruption as the new reality.  Reports I've made regarding the theft and secret sale of my home from Bank of America to REO Private Investors while I still lived in that home and had it offered for sale have basically gone no where; shut down.  Who has that kind of power?  One would have to conclude it is the financial institution that initiated that theft feeding residential property to companies like Pretium Partners; returning long term profit back to the banks.  Thousands upon thousands of people have lost their homes with no idea of how that happened.   

We are living in a particularly corrupt period of history.  I felt sad for the greater societal threat to our democratic institutions posed by all the marshaled resources that have come together to postpone justice while protecting and mitigating the criminal behavior of the proverbial "bad apple."  In my case Bank of America, the third party mortgage servicer-administrator, and the REO Private Investor Group. 

I went looking for the one bad apple quote in scripture. While I did not find it, the principal is most decidedly expressed by the Apostle Paul.  

Paul writes: "Your boasting is not good.  Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough?  Clean out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, just as you are in fact unleavened.  For Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed (1st Corinthians 5: 3).  

1st Corinthians, Chapter Five speaks to church discipline; not the topic of this blog.  I'm more preoccupied today with how corruption seeps into societal and political structures.  

I've had my own experience of this over the last four years in my repeated attempts to achieve justice, not just for myself, but for the many other victims defrauded by a criminal enterprise cloaked in legitimacy and whose tentacles of corruption have seeped into other societal structures.  As I watched the news last night I drew parallels between the Clinton email scandal - and my own email debacle.  How both the justice department and the FBI have chosen to take extraordinary steps by omission to protect a woman who has clearly broken the law.  And how, on a far smaller scale, but no less significant for the health of this country the FBI who took my case away from an IRS investigator... or so I was told... whoever that person or department is at the FBI (if true) has not even bothered to interview me. And in the same way the State of TN would not meet with me to go over my evidence of a criminal system stealing residential homes via a RICO - association in fact criminal enterprise.   Did the word come down to brush me off and bury my complaint for the apple cart it might overturn?  Yes, more than once.  What happened to me... the attack on the constitutional private property rights has impacted so many other families.  

The process of leaven working cannot be seen by the human eye. Corruption as leaven requires darkness as we cover the pans of bread with a towel and place the pans in a warm place conducive to the dough's expansion. In Paul's word picture to the Corinthian believers, we are called to examine motives and actions for the infiltration of leaven having rendered ones very character salt-less and therefore useless to effect justice.  The Biblical concept of leaven as corruption working through a lump of dough slowly and by degrees so that the lump itself is molded by human cooperation with sin into something else entirely challenges all of us.  

Confession of life stealing sin is beautifully modeled for us in Psalm 51.  Remembering who and what we are, the greater upward call of Christ Jesus to stand for justice provides the courage to take a stand for righteousness.  Even to reverse course.  Because...  when it comes right down to the basic common denominator of greed as motivation, the true leveling (not leavening) equalizer: But Godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.   (1st Timothy: 6: 6,7).  

Paul writes: 
Let us therefore celebrate the feast, not with old leaven; nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.  

If you want to read more about this Biblical concept of leaven here is a link to an excellent article written by Ron Kelley.    

So while I can pray for Hilary Clinton, I cannot vote for someone whose life experience has realistically and repeatedly demonstrated that she is above the law. The fantasy thinking that has characterized her life is that she is special and entitled. The intellectual and spiritual challenge, the imperative of the human condition, is to realize that how we are treated is not who we are.  Hillary Clinton appears to have adopted this reinforced behavior as a life strategy that has pushed her to act as though the laws that apply to common man are the same laws she can repeatedly abuse. This expectation is best evidenced in a profound lack of honesty.  As her supporters tire of making excuses, and we can hear this weariness in some of their voices, it is as if they have been in a kind of coma from which they are slowly waking.  

While many of us are following the Clinton drama with great interest I am also following it.  I am drawing very personal comparisons to my own current situation as I await word on whether or not my case will move forward in the Federal District Court.  Because I don't have an attorney (not by choice) the District Court gets to decide if the case can move forward. 

There were four crucial email communications from the Federal District Court here in Memphis that I did not receive.  I got the first two.  Then failed to receive the  interim missing communications that importantly instructed me that I could appeal the dismissal which would have required me to read what the judge wrote; the basis and reasoning of her dismissal.  And then, as soon as the time period that I could legally respond to the dismissal by filing an objection had safely passed, the courts email communication magically resumed.      

I responded with a letter pointing out that I did not receive these emails.  That under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution I was deprived of my right to due process for failed communication.  I pointed out that the failed e-mail communications from the Federal District Court represented an injury to the court which needed to be investigated as a possible crime.  That one of the defendants named in my Civil RICO Case have a history of committing corporate espionage; hacking into a rivals computer system, forwarding and co-opting email communications.  And because they got away with it and no criminal consequences followed it would be a short jump to imagine the same modus operandi regarding my email communications from the court could be criminally interfered with.  The perpetrator's I.P. address was traced back to one of the same Defendants in my case, Keller Williams aka MEM 2, LLC.  

The case, I believe now settled out of court is: Collins-Maury, Inc. d/b/a Prudential Collins-Maury, Inc., Realtors, Plaintiff vs. MEM 2, LLC d/b/a Keller Williams Realty Memphis East, Defendant.  

Should you want to read the details, which my writers inclination sees as a chain of events that begs for a screen play: Docket No. CH 11-1860, filed in Chancery Court, Shelby County, Memphis, TN 11/10/2011. 

11/10/2011 is the same period that the Bank of America HAMP Fraud Scheme that impacted me was winding down, five months later, resulting in the illegal seizure of my home under threats, misrepresentation of authority, and outright lies.  

The Collins-Maury case sat on the docket, like mine, with no movement for a significant period of time. My case strategically being moved toward dismissal until I fired my attorney(s) and filed my own case in Federal Court under the RICO statutes.  

Collins-Maury and myself were both represented by the same law firm; me for a brief period of time in which I was never told to verify the claimed order of eviction issued by a Fayette County Judge that in point of fact did not exist.  On April 6, 2015 the judge committed suicide; the second death by gunshot wound that I am aware of.           

Since the key persons connected to this previous federal crime have held onto their jobs and Keller Williams International has ignored the dangerous ramifications of hacking into a rivals computer system.  The sub-text of this message is that the corporate culture at Keller Williams Realty - Corporate, approves the risk.  "The end justifies the means" is an immoral credo to live by.    It therefore stands to reason that the same perpetrators who targeted my home for a Property Flip / Equity Skimming Scheme would be dangerously emboldened to believe that laws don't apply to them.  Like Hillary Clinton they learn that consequences can be avoided, power brokers can be "on the take," and the fix is forever in their favor. So far, this life stealing criminal behavior has proven the perpetrators right. It would have been a simple matter for the FBI to look at my evidence and make a referral to the Attorney General.  They couldn't be bothered.  And they can't be bothered with applying the law equally to Hilary Clinton.  

I filed the original complaint on April 20, 2016.  In the dismissal the Judge blatantly misquoted my complaint.  I'm not talking about minor misquotes of quasi-vague applications of interpretation.  I'm talking about stark misquotes of date and content that mirrored the fraud defense in disturbing detail.  She wrote that because I'm without an attorney I cannot legally name co-plaintiffs like the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Treasury Department who were both defrauded.  In point of fact there are clear obstruction of justice charges that could easily be filed against Bank of America for the lies they communicated that shut down escalation of my case to the U.S. Treasury Department for suspected HAMP fraud along with failure to disclose the Escalation Case process while I was still in my home and could have recognized the truth.    

After learning of the dismissal I wrote a letter which was entered into the record.  As a result that initial decision to dismiss my case was reversed and I was able to file a response to the dismissal which I did on August 2, 2016.  I then rewrote the complaint making it shorter and I hope more concise. And while the judge criticized the number of defendants others could have been added which in the decision to keep a lengthy and complex chain of fraud as simple as possible I chose not to name.  I then filed a complaint with Judicial Watch who at the moment are a little busy with the Hilary Clinton email scandal.  While my expectations that anyone there will help me are low indeed, there is a record of what transpired regarding the failed emails compounded by the judge's failure to read and accurately quote the details of my complaint should other, future litigants, experience the same or similar suspect and potentially biased treatment from this same court.      

In Civil RICO, for those who can't afford a proper defense, one can ask that an attorney be assigned.  I asked that the court assign me an attorney in both my response to the dismissal of August 2, 2016 and the Amended Complaint filed on August 23, 2016 / Original complaint filed April 20, 2016. 

I was of course blamed for the four missing emails.  It was easier to scape-goat my mistake... the "www" prefix for what happened. What I do question is the "coincidental" fraud perfecting timing.  No email delivery receipt which in this day and age seems a dereliction of basic duty.  The failure of the I.T. Department at the Federal District Court to notice that these emails were returned; if they were in fact returned. What I have verified is that the crucial missing email communications never arrived at my inbox.  The very emails that would have informed me that the case had been dismissed and next steps to which I was legally entitled to pursue.  And then... the restored communication at that precise right moment that it could be documented that my compliant was dismissed because I had failed to respond within the requisite time period allowed.  Which establishes different treatment for those with legal representation and for those who have none and are therefore significantly disadvantaged.  

Do I draw parallels between the Hilary Clinton corruption of portions of our federal government, her lost and destroyed emails and mine?  Do I draw comparisons with the conflict of interest issues related to her position and the Clinton Foundation and the striking conflict of interest issues that inform the events of my own case?   Yes, I do. I was told that the IRS Investigator turned my case over to the FBI.  Despite repeated pleas for help, requests and offers to share crucial information, carefully and diligently compiled they, along with others have chosen to ignore and thus enable a criminal organization whose activities are not unique to Fayette County, TN, but did target a rural county, once the poorest in the state.  They also targeted the Registry of Deeds Office in Somerville, TN.  They targeted the people living in that county.  Significant failure of those who should be fully invested in protecting the public welfare has sadly empowered the ongoing ability of a fully functional criminal enterprise to move forward unhindered by consequence.   

One has to wonder if the mortgage fraud that accompanies a Property Flip Scheme in which my property was claimed to be abandoned and derelict and undervalued per fraudulent appraisals by over 100,000; then subjected to five flips; three during the period that I thought myself honestly applying and being considered for HAMP... if this had resulted in significant loss to banks, then and sadly perhaps only then, the FBI Mortgage Fraud Unit would have taken notice?  

The motivation of white collar criminals is not so much ill-gotten gain, but the addictive adrenaline rush of "getting it over" on people seen as disadvantaged and even helpless. Infiltrating the system to such an extent that it can be manipulated to protect the perpetrator; this exercise of power an additional rush that strokes the ego of those that truly believe they are immune from consequence is dangerous to the public welfare.  Only an equal application of the law can prove such people wrong.  

Those that know me know that I often draw comparisons from literature and film.  In my non-fiction book, Discerning Spirits, I draw on five films and the life stealing characteristics of toxic characters portrayed in these films.  In thinking about dangerous conflict of interest access, corruption from places one least expects; the lost emails etc... I'm reminded of a book I read years ago.  Bright Lights, Big City. The film starred Michael J. Fox whose character draws seemingly unrelated comparisons between "Coma Baby," a baby whose mother is in a coma, and the main characters intense struggle with emerging coma-like angst and grief compounded by addiction.  The birth of reckoning will come to the surface, breath air, and demand accountability.  No amount of denial and running from the truth can stem the tide of truth which challenges us to healthy change.   In the same way, pain justly meant to mold character, cannot be forever defrayed. Truth is a counter-force to evil.  Whatever the crime or life stealing injury...  a victims singular imperative to be heard is a powerful incentive under-estimated by criminals.  Hilary Clinton in the White House can not be expected to change her past methods and practise.  The criminals I've been standing up against for four years have also not changed.  Unless stopped by legal and just means, and even though I pray for them, there is that dangerous reality of the continuing ongoing threat to target future victims. 

Did white collar criminals interfere with certain selectively chosen District Court sent-emails proven to never have arrived to my in-box? Entirely possible.  Doctor Phil says that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  This being the case we can expect more of the same. The Collins-Maury Case speaks loudly to this same history. Since the FBI did not investigate this federal crime.  Because they have ignored my case after taking it away from the IRS.  Despite 32 other pattern examples, well... all this speaks a subtext language that has empowered and not constrained criminal behavior.   

As I pray for that "whomever" currently looking at my case and will make a decision as to whether or not I will have an opportunity to present my evidence in a court of law I'm reminded of the one true Judge that all persons in positions of such authority are called to emulate and will one day answer to. 

The Rock!  His work is perfect, for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness and without injustice. Righteous and upright is He (Deuteronomy 32: 4).  

Today I have a respect for the law that I previously took for granted.  It hasn't always worked for me, but the core system itself exists.  Not for judges and lawyers but for, "We the People." That someone like me, not for the first time disenfranchised of due process, powerless, with no money, pushing seventy and legally homeless can step into filing this case however imperfectly written and with the expectation of a fair and level playing field is remarkable.  

There is a card taped to the book shelf above my computer.  It reads, "Jesus will send the perfect right lawyer."  My hope lies in the right of my case to be heard. If there is an attorney out there willing to enter this case I'd be grateful.  







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