NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE COMPANY and LINDA HOWARD: Illegal Seizure and Theft of American Homes. Where is law enforcement? Why is the Investor that targeted the Howard home for theft not brought up on charges; not even named in her law suit?

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When it gets too hot for these third party mortgage servicer companies they are sold and purchased by another entity so as to continue functioning in the same crime concealing capacity.  AMS Servicing, LLC was the secret, never disclosed servicer of my loan.  AMS Servicing, LLC was sold to Seneca Mortgage Servicing, LLC.  All that business was then absorbed into Nationstar Mortgage.  

Linda Howard and her husband, Memphis residents and senior citizens, made all their house payments on time and still had their home stolen by the same pattern of operation that impacted me.  While there are twists on this type of scheme and each person is in a different position the chain of theft is the same.  The theft process involves the transfer of the loan for servicing to a third party Servicer-Entity like Nationstar. How many times the loan is transferred (re-conveyed) and, or, sold is concealed by Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).  I suggest that Linda obtain the MERS transfer history of her property to discover the identity of the Note Owner that engineered and directed the actions of Nationstar Mortgage.  

Has her attorney done so?  On 9/27/2016 he told me "no."  I can't speak to Kevin Snider's decisions.  I don't know the details of Linda Howard's case.  However, many attorneys want quick settlements.  They deliberately limit these types of cases not naming all the culpable defendants.  This only empowers the perpetrator-criminals to continue the reign of theft of private property by this same operational means.  Or perhaps, Linda herself decided not to pursue other defendants.  I just hope Linda and her family were given a choice.    

Profit is always the motivation.  The incentive to keep this bottom feeder industry going to the detriment of the public welfare.  The secret and never disclosed Note Owner identity is carefully concealed in various documents; sometimes behind an REO ID number or a proxy-decoy Note Holder identity.  In my case the REO Private Investor Company had two family trusts under which they parked and moved property. 

It is the Note Owner (different from the Note Holder) that directs the hiring and then the actions of the third party Servicer-Entity like Nationstar Mortgage.  Often the Mortgage Servicer-Entity, that mortgage company hired to service the loan, is not hired for that purpose.  The goal is to engineer theft by deception.  The illegal seizures and phony foreclosures of these properties are "flips" of that property (laundering the title) among the same parties.  Often this is accomplished by use of the Warranty Deed serving as a fraud device. The goal is to feed the lucrative secondary REO Investor Industry where large fees and kickbacks are far more profitable than honestly depositing and assigning homeowner payments.  

Five years ago there was a glut of at-risk properties held by banks.  That is no longer the case.  Therefore the industry itself is targeting innocent victims like Linda Howard.  Many victims are locally targeted by the REO Industry looking for "marks" unlikely to fight back.        

Don't blame the victim.

Linda Howard was totally blindsided. Her home would have been sold, with no disclosure whatsoever made to her, before that first house payment was ever sent back. In this system of operation Linda saw various fees charged to her with no explanation.  This is the criminal enterprise conspirators charging her for theft of her own home. These homes are targeted for the equity theft potential.  They are undervalued via fraudulent appraisals.  It is this targeted equity that makes the fraud scheme lucrative for the con artist fraudsters.  See the Andy Wise reporting on the Linda Howard theft.  WMC Action News 5:

I had a relationship with one member of the con artist REO Investment Club during the period that my home was targeted for its equity and the fraud schemes transpired.  I did not recognize this person for the job she was sent to do, getting her foot in the door as the con-artist "front" woman.  I don't believe any person reading this would have recognized that they were targeted by serial scammers until after the fact. 

Like Linda Howard, the knowledge to be had that could inform what was actually taking place, knowledge I was lawfully and rightfully entitled to from Bank of America was never disclosed.  I therefore was incapable of mounting a defense, exactly the position that skilled con-artists need their victims placed in.  Sale of the note to my home and secret change of the conspirator Servicer-Entity was illegally withheld by Bank of America, and by every other player hired and dancing to the tune and direction of the REO Criminal Private Investor Group aka the secret Note Owners.  

This type of property fraud scheme requires a wide net.  It requires the expertise of a number of professions. The people behind those professions carry various degrees of culpability.  Unless I named them in the Civil RICO case I filed on 4/20/2016 with the second Amended Complaint filed 11/15/2016 I have no plans to name them in the book I'm writing "In the Shadow of Goliath"  

I believe that all were induced by profit and the promise of ongoing business.  For some it was gaining inside access to a closed industry with the grandiose promise of large sums of money that could be made from the secondary troubled property/at risk mortgage industry.  All the players, by various levels of inducement lent and put at risk their professional credentials to a corrupt group of sociopaths.  The supporting cast in these types of Property Theft include title companies, lawyers, appraisers, insurance companies, loan officers just to name a few.   This supporting character list extends to those who fail to investigate these crimes. 

Why so many players induced to take part 
in these con-artist schemes?  

Because laundering the title of a stolen home is akin to laundering illegally gotten drug money.  The Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) business model is perfectly fitted to these property theft schemes.  The title to the home must be flushed through a chain of operative steps creating distance and concealing from any hero-investigator the identity of that entity who purchased the home in the illegal first assignment of the mortgage and then networked with the Servicer-Entity.   This process is essentially a twist on the classic Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme. After several secret and never disclosed "flips" engineered via fraudulent appraisals that slowly increase the valuation of the property (bank fraud) the final transfer and, or, sale emerges into the public record.  

In my case this last step is represented by a sale to two straw buyers, Keller Williams - MEM 2, LLC, Realtors.  This husband and wife team/Realtors acted as the selling office, the selling agent and then after the requisite number of property flips the purchasers.  ERA Chamberwood Realty Group acted as the decoy selling office.  The agent from Chamberwood acted as the Criminal Enterprise muscle forcing me from my home under threats, misrepresentations of authority, and blatant lies.  Both ERA Chamberwood Realty Group and Keller Williams shared a conflict of interest commission as documented in one of two fraud riddled HUD 1 per Evolve Bank and Trust.  Evolve Bank and Trust failed to perform fraud checking due diligence that would have revealed the twist on the Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme.  This final sale/flip per Evolve Bank and Trust among same parties allowed the Property to emerge into the public record disguised and masquerading as just another arms lengths transaction absent any conflict of interest.  Linda Howard will want to uncover what will be a similar chain of theft, following the trail of her Property Title and comparing what is filed in the public land records and what is strategically withheld from the Shelby County Register of Deeds Office.  One trick is that legal instruments are wrongfully filed in neighboring counties or even counties with the same name in other states.  

Without a doubt the Linda Howard Property will soon emerge by a similar theft pattern into the public record with all equity legally belonging to her stolen by REO Investor con-artist's aka White Collar Criminals.   

My heart goes out to Linda Howard.  She will be wise to obtain the transfer history of her property from the highly secretive Mortgage Electronic Registration System and uncover by what means/process her home was first identified for this version of the Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme.    

The long range goal.  The majority of the mortgages targeted for this type of theft, many owned by senior citizens, are pooled and sold directly to investment companies whose single goal is not to service the loans, but to evict the homeowner and bundle these properties as rental properties to be bought and sold as a Wall Street commodity.  

Deregulation by politicians, influenced by special interest groups in Washington, has allowed the Wall Street speculators to engineer this market.  The end result has made many victims homeless meaning that the cost to tax payers and social services is huge.  The common denominator behind these types of schemes is that BANKS,  the THIRD PARTY SERVICER-ENTITY like Nationstar in the Linda Howard theft, the WALL STREET SPECULATORS, and THE REO PRIVATE INVESTORS have colluded to commit wholesale theft and illegal seizure of untold numbers of homes from American Citizens. 

At no time during the chain of theft, creatively adapted to each situation, is there any disclosure of what is actually taking place.  This disenfranchised both me as it did Linda Howard from any means of defense during the period that the fraud schemes transpired. By the time Linda Howard began having her house payments returned she had no idea, and likely still does not, the true Note Owner identity that targeted and already had control over her Note/Mortgage. 

For this reason all Linda's desperate efforts to correct the Nationstar record went unanswered.  Nationstar Mortgage was far enough down the road as a fraud collaborator that there was no turning back.  No calling Ms. Howard and saying... "Oh so sorry.  We got your letters and realize a horrible mistake was made."  No!  This is not an administrative problem, minor mishap, or communication glitch.  This is a Criminal Enterprise theft of American homes.  Acknowledging Linda's many letters would have put Nationstar Mortgage at legal risk admitting fraud.  More important to Nationstar... admitting mistakes and reversing the bogus foreclosure of the Linda Howard home, a foreclosure that is in truth just another transfer of the title among con-artists, could result in the loss of business in the highly competitive arena of serving the REO Private Investor Industry.      

Keep in mind that the point at which the illegal eviction and wrongful ouster takes place... this is the mid point of the step process in the chain of fraud that defines this type of property theft.  The mid-point is not where the statute of limitations begins.  Don't think of the fraud scheme as limited to legal action at this point forward. This mid-point, at which the Title to stolen property is flipped, continues on after you are successfully forced from your home.  The subsequent filings should be examined very carefully.  Some instruments of transfer, sale and assignment are withheld in the covert MERSCorp Holdings, Inc. e-registry system.  That these filings are fully available to MERS-Members and the financial industry and not to us is criminal.  MERS is concealing fraud.  In mass, we need to demand our rights to have this system fully open and transparent and especially to those disenfranchised victims trying to figure out how their homes were targeted for theft and how they personally were targeted as vulnerable to white collar criminals.  

This is where law enforcement is needed.  Where are they? Often change comes from the ground up and not the top down.  I hope this and other blogs on my case will help inform those just trying to discover by what means they were targeted and victimized by a Property Theft Criminal Enterprise, Theft Ring. Let's not be silent.  Serial Con-Artist Schemers count on us not mounting a defense.  And by the way... if this happened to you and someone tells you the statute of limitations has run out... the truth is that under RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act) that statute of limitations (4 years for RICO) - that clock starts when you realize how you were scammed.  So if you are reading this find an attorney who won't lie to you about this and do your homework.  

My outlook email was hacked, but you can call me or connect over Facebook.  901-504-9704.  

All Whistle Blowers welcome.  And, I'm without an attorney. If there is someone out there willing to take on this Civil RICO Private Right of Action I'd be grateful.  







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