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HAMP FRAUD SCHEME; Property Flip Equity Skimming Scheme / Civil RICO Private Right of Action

Please also read: MOTION FOR RECUSAL...  That our largest banks can obstruct justice, influence outcome at a federal district court is dangerous to the public welfare. Link below.

The case I filed April 20, 2016 
is now a matter of public record.  Case Number below.
What impacted me, and resulted in theft of my home was, to put it in very simplistic terms, a HAMP Fraud Scheme.  It has been very difficult for people to identify the components of an illegal system that begins with the Bank HAMP Servicer entity and the boots on the ground REO (Real Estate Investor) conflict of interest relationships.  This arm in arm illegal collusion has targeted untold numbers of at-risk properties for Theft by Deception in ways that leave homeowners defenseless.  This has resulted in illegal transfer of wealth largely ignored and not adequately prosecuted. Seniors are especially targeted by these Real Estate Fraud Scheme…