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Below is a letter I mailed to Dr. Ben Carson c/o President Elect Trump; letter copied to Donald Trump.  Will they receive and actually read the letters I mailed yesterday?  I have no idea. Therefore I am posting this as an open letter in hopes that Dr. Carson, and perhaps even President Elect Trump, will read it.   
December 15, 2016
Dear Dr. Carson:
I am a senior citizen.  I was a victim of a property theft scheme, targeted by white collar criminals as unlikely to fight back.  My home was targeted for its significant equity.  What I encountered at HUD was apathy.  Tolerance for criminals networked with Bank of America to facilitate property theft.  Although I offered proof of theft and misuse of the HUD system as a vehicle to commit the chain of theft, HUD was not in the least interested in looking at this proof; to the detriment of the public welfare.   I repeatedly called HUD, wrote letters and basically begged for help.  I needed information that to this day, except for the 8/20/2012 …

TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE AND INSURANCE - will my second complaint filed today open a real investigation? Or will it suffer the same fate as the first... limited, cursory, and giving a pass to white collar criminals?

I just filed a second complaint with the department within TN government that oversees the licensing of appraisers. My hope is that they will do their jobs.  My first complaint, now closed (complaint #201501190) described theft of my home by white collar criminals based on a series of fraudulent appraisals. The complaint was closed with a mere slap on the wrist to the last involved appraiser and no acknowledgement or apparent recognition of the chain of theft and crimes that were committed.  

Passing the buck they've suggested that I hire an attorney (I can't afford to do so) and that this is a job for a district attorney.  Well... what about the TN Attorney Generals Office?  And... from whom do they imagine these referrals come?  The TN Department of Commerce and Insurance is failing in their duty to protect disenfranchised TN citizens.  And they know it.  
More important for the welfare of TN citizens, those in control of outcome of my complaint chose to constrain and limit th…

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE COMPANY and LINDA HOWARD: Illegal Seizure and Theft of American Homes. Where is law enforcement? Why is the Investor that targeted the Howard home for theft not brought up on charges; not even named in her law suit?

Linda Howard and her husband, Memphis residents and senior citizens, made all their house payments on time and still had their home stolen by the same pattern of operation that impacted me.  While there are twists on this type of scheme and each person is in a different position the chain of theft is the same.  The theft process involves the transfer of the loan for servicing to a third party Servicer-Entity like Nationstar. How many times the loan is transferred (re-conveyed) and, or, sold is concealed by Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).  I suggest that Linda obtain the MERS transfer history of her property to discover the identity of the Note Owner that engineered and directed the actions of Nationstar Mortgage.  

Has her attorney done so?  On 9/27/2016 he told me "no."  I can't speak to Kevin Snider's decisions.  I don't know the details of Linda Howard's case.  However, many attorneys want quick settlements.  They deliberately limit these ty…


Under the Tennessee Open Records Act I've just mailed off a request for information from the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance. It is this Department of Tennessee government that oversees licensees; Real Estate Professionals and Appraisers; while overseeing outcome of any complaint made by a Tennessee citizens.  If you want to read my original complaint it is Complaint No.201501190. This department is sitting with clear evidence of an illegal Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme, Bank and Mortgage Theft, facilitated by multiple fraud-serving appraisals and five "flips" that began with my home being under-valued by over 100,000. Your TN tax dollars at work... so far the Department of Commerce and Insurance have taken no proactive steps to investigate these crimes.  
It seems that some employees I've talked with are decidedly invested in protecting the perpetrators a.k.a. the Criminal Enterprise. The goal appears to be, "damage control," in favor of the …


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by definition, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."  
Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin. (1802)

Sometimes we hear people quote little sayings that fall into the category of common sense advice.  "One bad apple spoils the entire barrel" is an example.  

As I watched Fox News and listened to Rudy Giuliani and Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former deputy director of the FBI whose name escapes me, and others comment and even lament for the now damaged reputation of the current FBI director and the significant failure of the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to treat Hilary Clinton like…


I'm always grateful for opportunities to share about my books.  I enjoy some interviews more than others.  Just had a very nice conversation with Ed Tyll from Starcom Radio Network.  I'm sure you can go back and listen in archives if you so desire.  Just google Ed Tyll...  Some past shows are on You Tube which I listened to before the interview.    
Thank you Ed for sharing your valuable on air time with me. Thank you also to your loyal listeners.   Enjoyed the conversation and your honesty.  Many Blessings!

HAMP FRAUD SCHEME; Property Flip Equity Skimming Scheme / Civil RICO Private Right of Action

The case I filed April 20, 2016 
is now a matter of public record.  Case Number below.
What impacted me, and resulted in theft of my home was, to put it in very simplistic terms, a HAMP Fraud Scheme.  It has been very difficult for people to identify the components of an illegal system that begins with the Bank HAMP Servicer entity and the boots on the ground REO (Real Estate Investor) conflict of interest relationships.  This arm in arm illegal collusion has targeted untold numbers of at-risk properties for Theft by Deception in ways that leave homeowners defenseless.  This has resulted in illegal transfer of wealth largely ignored and not adequately prosecuted. Seniors are especially targeted by these Real Estate Fraud Schemes that may or may not involve HAMP.  Having lost everything these clients are not attractive to the legal profession.  At one time the law was thought of as a moral, intellectual, and even spiritual calling.  If those lawyers exist I haven't met them.  

Here is…