Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dan McGookey, an Ohio Lawyer, has an excellent series of articles up on his website related to mortgage fraud. When I lost my home in 2012 it was so hard to find the information I needed in order to understand what happened.  And when I did it wasn't often articulated in a way that I could understand.  In every sense time has been on my side as I've dug into this and still have much to learn.  So when I find well written, helpful information I want to share it.  There is a very streamlined chain of conspiracy in violation of RICO between Banks, the foreclosure sub-servicers, and the real estate industry.  Dual tracking is a significant tool and most of the time homeowners, desperately trying to play by the rules don't realize how every effort is undermined by those banks (mortgage servicers) who took the taxpayer bailout money.  Some states do more for consumers than my own state of TN which is a non-judicial foreclosure state which has only made the whole process of theft easier for those intent on destroying the moral fiber of this country in the name of greed.     

Access the following website and review the articles Dan McGookey has on the right side of his page.  You may not be in the state of Ohio, but you'll find his insights and knowledge very helpful.  I'll try and get him on my Unseen World Blog radio show for a future interview.  Another really good article.  Read / Hit this link from a law firm in Ohio.  More and more lawyers are educating themselves about these issues and have prepared themselves to fight this cause. 
Article by: Dan McGookey. 

My articles on this topic that I've posted on this blog are:

It's very helpful to read the details of other cases; those that have been successfully prosecuted. The link below provides brief overviews of various cases where perpetrators have gone to jail.

White collar criminals rob tax payers.  We are going to see more and more people charged with mortgage fraud.  I'd like to see more activity in prosecuting the many layered fraud schemes which sidelined untold numbers of Hamp Applications.  This was accomplished with the help of Bank and Foreclosure sub-servicer employees, brokers, attorney's etc.  In the case below duplicate HUD-1 documents were filed. For too many this is a significant feature of what kind of fraud may have taken place and is among the charges filed in this case.

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  1. This is good news for Durgesh Singh, a student in NSCC's construction management technology program. top law firms in nyc

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I filed a Civil RICO Private Right of Action in federal Court on 4/20/2016. Now a matter of public record.


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