Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dan McGookey is an Ohio Lawyer with an excellent series of articles up on his website related to mortgage fraud. When I lost my home in 2012 it was so hard to find the information I needed in order to understand what happened.  And when I did it wasn't often articulated in a way that I could understand.  In every sense time has been on my side as I've dug into this and still have much to learn.  So when I find well written, helpful information I want to share it.  

There is a very streamlined chain of conspiracy in violation of RICO between Banks, the foreclosure Sub-Servicer industry, and the REO Private Investors.  In my case my home was sold to REO Private Investors who had inserted a fraud narrative into official records that my home was derelict and abandoned. With a forged certificate of abandonment this allowed a series of fraudulent appraisals; well under market value.  The sale could be seen on industry-only websites.  This sabotaged efforts to sell my own home.  With no disclosure by Bank of America of the sale to private Investors or change in Servicer, leaving me unable to recognize the chain of theft as it transpired. The third party Servicer entity was then able to masquerade as the Making Home Affordable Department within Bank of America.  With the title under the control of the secret note owners they were then able to launch a HAMP Fraud Scheme not at all unique to me or my property.        

Access the following website and review the articles Dan McGookey has on the right side of his page.  You may not be in the state of Ohio, but you'll find what he shares helpful.

Search out and read other cases parts of which may inform how you were defrauded.  The biggest challenge for consumers to understand the chain of theft.  

This blog edited 8/23/2016.  I'm currently writing a book about the con-artist group that targeted my home for theft.  Watch for its release. Working title: In The Shadow of Goliath.  Title speaks for itself.    

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  1. This is good news for Durgesh Singh, a student in NSCC's construction management technology program. top law firms in nyc

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I filed a Civil RICO Private Right of Action in federal Court on 4/20/2016. Now a matter of public record.


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