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Son of God - The Film I saw the movie Son of God with some friends from church.  They thought it was wonderful and as I sat in the theatre I heard people around me shedding a few tears.  Afterwards we went out to dinner...  The discussion continued and I felt that, as people of faith, they were merely gratified to see any Christian themed film on the big screen and being critical just seemed ungrateful. For the number of Biblical errors and the degree of creative license taken I just couldn't agree.  So perhaps it would be more accurate to call this a Christian-themed film. To compare Son of God in any way with the excellence of The Passion of the Christ... well, that would be a travesty. Our benchmark standard of excellence has to be the Mel Gibson film. What offended me most of all was the actor chosen to play my precious Savior, Jesus Christ.  Diogo Morgado is a former model who was clearly cast for his appearance and not his acting ability. Many have since touted him as a sex s…

MY LATEST HERO: The Honorable Robert E. Grossman of the state of New York / able to leap tall buidlings with a single decision... Right up there with Marie McDonnell and John O'Brian and CJ Holmes.
Article above (link) by, Dan McGookey.
Another really good article.  Read / Hit this link from a law firm in Ohio.  More and more lawyers are educating themselves about these issues and have prepared themselves to fight this cause. 

As many of you know who read my "real" blog (The Unseen World with Alexandra Clair) I'm very interested in wrongful and illegal foreclosure and have a quite lengthy blog on this page which is really so much a mismatch  that I've thought of taking it down altogether except that it is still being accessed and read.  I appreciate every one of you.  So this isn't my normal topic, but is such a serious issue which speaks to the health of our country and especially when we are conned into believing that good is evil and evil is good.  Jesus had quite a lot to say on that topic.  If nothing else the Dred Scott decision tells us that legal is not always…