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Book Review: THE SIEGE: 68 HOURS INSIDE THE TAJ HOTEL by, Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy

I found this book among those in the new book display at the public library and could not put it down.  An excellent read with focus on specific people who experienced this horrific event. 

Most important, the authors provide background on the young men who participated as terrorists and as someone with lots to learn I found this very helpful in seeing the human face of Islamic terrorism.  Most telling we see how these young men and their families are indoctrinated, the abusive training which profoundly isolates from outside influences so as to contain and manipulate the fear and common sense desire to escape what is very much a death agenda.   

We see the surrogate parental relationship adopted by the handlers that systematically and ruthlessly disables critical thinking skills, manipulating the inadequacies and deprivation experienced by these young men.  Each is screened and the personality is understood so that mind control is a callous tool into the robotic like training of these …

UKRAINE / January 1/24/2014

I'm publishing below a note from a person who lives in Ukraine.  More than what any reporter would say we hear a sincere heart and concern for the fate of Ukraine; a country with a unique and turbulent history. The desire for liberty is a God-given, and blessed imperative that can never be extinguished.  Dictator's can capture our bodies and even enslave the mind, but the spirit can never, ever be contained.
I hope to publish other updates from from time to time. 

WHAT'S HAPPENING Today has been a very long and difficult day for us in Ukraine.  It's been disheartening to see the civil war that is going on in Kiev since Sunday.  There was a large gathering on Sunday afternoon and somehow it escalated into violence.  Since the fighting broke out between protesters and the special police force on Sunday, there has been a continual strand-off between the two.  The conflict on Hrushevskoho Street, about 800 meters away from Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) where mo…

YOUR NUMBER ONE SEARCH... that gets people to my blog and... END TIMES BIBLE STUDY!


The number one search that gets people to my blog is a question about Discerning Spirits.  I wrote a book on the topic especially for you and I thank those of you who have purchased and read my books. I cannot say how much I appreciate each of you.

DISCERNING SPIRITS: Visionary Gifts in Practice. Soft cover is on Amazon.  Download on Kindle, Nook, Screwpulp. At the top of the page is a link to an interview I did last week with Arnold Roberts on the Grace Call.  We had a little problem with my mike going live at the beginning so be patient or... you can move the cursor forward just a little. I hope you'll buy the book if you are interested in this topic.  My book goes into far more detail and provides the tools you ma…