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Praying for Ukraine...

A former coworker who is a missionary shared these photos and asked prayer for Ukraine.  Please join me in lifting up these brave people and this wonderful land before the throne of grace.These people have suffered so much.  They want liberty and freedom.  There is a lot of injustice in the world.  Lets pray for people imprisoned for their faith all across this world.  That said there are some forgotten Americans in foreign prisons that need supernatural protection and grace.  Jesus came to set the prisoners free.   

Peaceful demonstration. Flowers from the other side.

A picture speaks volumes.  Love this man's face.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Programming / Article by therapist David W. Neswald:


Old article, but interesting to be aware of (September 1991).  Link to very helpful - very brief - over-view of Satanic Ritual Abuse programming by, David W. Neswald, M.A; M.F.C.C in collaboration with two colleagues.  Many former SRA abuse victims have organized into survivor groups and given where we are in prophetic history what they have to say is worth hearing.  With restoration, health and healing in Jesus Christ and what we hope will be growing acceptance for what so many victims report, comes the moral imperative that the Christian community of believers demand protection for victims as well as accountability and prosecution under the civil laws of this country against those who commit these crimes.  This won't come without a greater and obvious acceptance of what is actually taking place and the inevitable backlash is that many cults that may not wear a specific 'satanic&#…