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YES WE ARE!  BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST, GRAFTED BY HOLY COVENANT AND DECREE TO THE FATE OF ISRAEL!Many of us are watching Israel very closely these day.  This little country, big in blessing with God's hand firmly in control of a supernatural destiny, is an island of sanity in the midst of chaos. It's just like God to use something small and seemingly overwhelmed by odds as a visual demonstration of, not only His power and might, but of His faithful and loving character.    Our hearts hurt over what is happening in Egypt as our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted, their churches and homes burned, nuns accosted in the street and believers murdered. We also look at Syria and grieve for such horrible suffering and especially for women and children.  In Syria we are hard pressed to find one side even slightly better than the other.  In 1994 President Clinton negotiated giving Syria a piece of Promised Land-territory, the Golan Heights.  This brought about the betray…