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As of this morning here are some of the search questions that led people to the Unseen World Blog.  
How to grow in the gift of DiscernmentDiscerning of SpiritsDiscernment Discernment and Healing from painHow to grow in the spiritual gift of DiscernmentWhat is the purpose of Discerning SpiritsGenerational Spirits and DiscernmentSpiritual Gift of Discerning SpiritsBecause of these, and other similar searches I wrote the book DISCERNING SPIRITS: VISIONARY GIFTS IN PRACTICE.In other words, I wrote this book for you. Cost for download on Kindle and Nook is only 2.99.  Also download at; for now free.  Soft cover is 12:00 at Amazon or ordered from any book store.  After you read this book, please share your thoughts.  I love hearing from you!

Order the book: Wood's End by, Alexandra Clair

Discerning Spirits: SOFT…