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Praying for Ukraine...

A former coworker who is a missionary shared these photos and asked prayer for Ukraine.  Please join me in lifting up these brave people and this wonderful land before the throne of grace.These people have suffered so much.  They want liberty and freedom.  There is a lot of injustice in the world.  Lets pray for people imprisoned for their faith all across this world.  That said there are some forgotten Americans in foreign prisons that need supernatural protection and grace.  Jesus came to set the prisoners free.   

Peaceful demonstration. Flowers from the other side.

A picture speaks volumes.  Love this man's face.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Programming / Article by therapist David W. Neswald:


Old article, but interesting to be aware of (September 1991).  Link to very helpful - very brief - over-view of Satanic Ritual Abuse programming by, David W. Neswald, M.A; M.F.C.C in collaboration with two colleagues.  Many former SRA abuse victims have organized into survivor groups and given where we are in prophetic history what they have to say is worth hearing.  With restoration, health and healing in Jesus Christ and what we hope will be growing acceptance for what so many victims report, comes the moral imperative that the Christian community of believers demand protection for victims as well as accountability and prosecution under the civil laws of this country against those who commit these crimes.  This won't come without a greater and obvious acceptance of what is actually taking place and the inevitable backlash is that many cults that may not wear a specific 'satanic&#…


I've just finished reading Helter Skelter by, Vincent Bugliosi with, Curt Gentry for the second time after many years.  What can I say... Go and look for it on your bookshelf, at the next garage sale or... it can still be ordered from any bookstore.

Before I write about Helter Skelter, I want to point out a common lie of satan, which many people who belong to cults are conditioned to believe.  When we meet these people we must communicate to them the miracle of restoration and forgiveness in Jesus Christ as both the victor and the Savior of mankind. Some are conditioned from childhood to hate Jesus and distrust Father God. Much of this is humanly, as well as preternaturally, communicated via demonic spirits that set up in strongholds of delusion, illusion, and incorrect beliefs. The common thread of the lie is this.  They've gone too far and there is no hope of refreshment, healing, and eternal salvation.  "Hope for others, but not for me." THIS IS A LIE. The prophet …

See Brian Write / Brian LeTendre Interview with Alexandra Clair
Interview with Brian LeTendre.  Nice chat about writing in general, about my books, Wood's End and Discerning Spirits.  Brian is also a writer and has many projects going.  He dedicated this show to the memory of Brian Churchill.  Thank you to Screw Pulp CEO, Richard Billings for setting up this interview. A new site with a new concept for connecting readers and writers.  You can go to this site and for now, download my books free.  There was formerly a requirement to then tweet about the book, but that requirement is no longer in place.  As it turns out many of you, like me, don't tweet.  Blessings...  Update 9/30/13 / I've been recently criticized for doing this interview.  My personal and world view doesn't need to agree with every person I talk with.  Not only is that not Biblical, but if that were a necessary criteria I wouldn't write... hey, I wouldn't leave th…

Brian Churchill / Healed of the Lord

My good friend, Brian Churchill, went home to be with his Savior, Jesus Christ yesterday. Everyone who knew Brian will forever miss him.  Many of us prayed and believed that God would physically heal him.  Right until the very end we fasted and prayed, as King David did, until we understood that God had a different plan.  Jesus Christ, whom Brian loved so very much, has now eternally healed His bond-servant and strong man of faith, Brian Churchill.  His lovely wife, whom Brian loved and was so very proud of expressed it best.  I've cut and pasted her words toward the end of this short blog.  Please pray for Brian's family; wife, son, brother, and his precious mother.    I've been asked about Wood's End.  Brian believed in the project. But for the funds the film would be made today.  He and I planned to do other Christian film projects together and spent many hours discussing the various scenes in my script and film in general.  Brian had an idea to write a romantic come…


YES WE ARE!  BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST, GRAFTED BY HOLY COVENANT AND DECREE TO THE FATE OF ISRAEL!Many of us are watching Israel very closely these day.  This little country, big in blessing with God's hand firmly in control of a supernatural destiny, is an island of sanity in the midst of chaos. It's just like God to use something small and seemingly overwhelmed by odds as a visual demonstration of, not only His power and might, but of His faithful and loving character.    Our hearts hurt over what is happening in Egypt as our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted, their churches and homes burned, nuns accosted in the street and believers murdered. We also look at Syria and grieve for such horrible suffering and especially for women and children.  In Syria we are hard pressed to find one side even slightly better than the other.  In 1994 President Clinton negotiated giving Syria a piece of Promised Land-territory, the Golan Heights.  This brought about the betray…


6/1/2015 Insert to the blog below.  
Quote from actor Vince Vaughn.   "My idea of treason is that you sell secrets to the enemy," Vaughn told GQ.  "He (Edward Snowden) gave information to the American people.  Snowden didn't take information for money or dogmas.  Governments claim to write endless laws to protect us, a law for this, a law for that, but are they working?  I don't think so.  The consequences are that there is a staggering loss of freedom for the individual."  

Vaughn also called NSA leaker Edward Snowden "a hero," saying, "I like what he did."  

I met Allen Keyes at an event and asked him about Snowden. He pointed out that Snowden is in Russia helping the enemy. We don't actually know how much, if any help they are getting, but, I have to ask.  Who sent Snowden there?  It's pretty clear... the US could have contained this.  But an intractable US President whose foreign policy is basically not to have one is the answer…

CHURCH LEADERS - Called to Address the Supernatural - and... Letter to Pastors

Letter to Pastors and Christian Leaders
This letter comes to you in response to a dream.  That said, I'll get right to the point.  Your peers are not preaching against and warning against the perils of occult involvement. 

A Barna Study, Sources of Influence in Teens Lives, reports that "churches and pastors have an uneven - and almost non-existent - influence on teens thinking and actions related to the supernatural."  As the body of Christ we have abdicated these teachings to secular media and entertainment who are unreservedly selling the bondage of a rising paganism.  Failure in the authority of God's leaders to address these themes, offering freedom from demonic attachments, in whatever form they may take, has throughout history, meant the tragic and premature demise of individuals, families, people groups, and nations. 

What Christians and non-Christians alike are overwhelmingly exposed to and what the sensibilities of young people are strategically assaulted wi…



I don't know who coined that phrase, Narcissistic Supply, but it's a good one.  Every narcissistic personality is compelled to achieve access to persons they can manipulate or harm; exercising power and control over the less powerful that are victimized into a dependent status so that the perpetrator-narcissist is seen as the most important and central force in that made-up universe.  God calls this violence - violence that reflects satan the father of lies.  Not always with fists, but with sophisticated and malevolent intent, strategy and behavior for which satan and subsequently his demon followers lost their position in the Kingdom of God.   By the abundance of your trade you were internally filled with violence, and you sinned; therefore I have cast you as profane from the mountain of God (Ezekiel 28: 16a) Also: More of the story... Revelation 12:7-11  In behavior the narcissist commits the same crime and reflects in that satanic intent the personality o…


As of this morning here are some of the search questions that led people to the Unseen World Blog.  
How to grow in the gift of DiscernmentDiscerning of SpiritsDiscernment Discernment and Healing from painHow to grow in the spiritual gift of DiscernmentWhat is the purpose of Discerning SpiritsGenerational Spirits and DiscernmentSpiritual Gift of Discerning SpiritsBecause of these, and other similar searches I wrote the book DISCERNING SPIRITS: VISIONARY GIFTS IN PRACTICE.In other words, I wrote this book for you. Cost for download on Kindle and Nook is only 2.99.  Also download at; for now free.  Soft cover is 12:00 at Amazon or ordered from any book store.  After you read this book, please share your thoughts.  I love hearing from you!

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