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Haunted Houses and Deliverance.  Given the time of year you may want to read this blog written in 2011.  Just click on the link above.  I don't celebrate Halloween in any way.  October 31st is a current satanic holiday that includes blood sacrifice. 
Did any one besides me hear Jerry Sandusky's protestations of innocence today and feel outrage for the victims.  People of his ilk are so enmeshed with the pretense, deriving satisfaction from successfully maintaining the double life, that remorse shouldn't be expected.  Of course he got away with it for so long.  Why would he in anyway respect honesty?  He cloaked himself in lies in order to protect his sin until this became who he was. 
The disappearance and murder of the Gricar brothers (PA District Attorney, Ray Gricar) are tied to the Sandusky pedophile ring.  See link below.  If I had the expertise in this area I'd start researching.  Maybe someone will do…