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How could anyone forget Katrina and the terrible aftermath? One of my good friends is from the New Orleans area and has a long family history of being rooted in that part of the country.  I'd love to visit some time, but there would be a few places visited by tourists that you would not find me without a direct word that I should be there for a godly purpose.  I was asked some time ago if I thought God caused Katrina.  When the earthquake in Haiti occurred I was asked the same.  This is what I feel scripture reveals.   

Some natural disasters are punishment brought about or allowed by God to get our attention.  Some are a natural occurrence in a world that functions under laws that govern how the universe operates.  Others are the work of man's principal enemy, satan.  That said, all three catalysts may impact circumstances, but only one has ultimate power.  This is the Creator of all, the one true God of the universe under whose watch nothing occurs by random happenstance.