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I'm feeling better today.  Have had a friend staying with me for much of February and March who is leaving tomorrow; heading to Kansas City.  Then another friend also swung by and stayed a week or so newly returned from a tour in Afghanistan; traveling from the great state of Maine.  Both Ryan and Josh are now going to be spending time at a kind of prayer retreat in Kansas City. Ryan is doing an internship and Josh is getting a job and will be looking forward to the same.
Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Withdrawing from the world's busyness and myriad distractions, fasting electronic stimulus all to draw closer to the divine.  And for no other purpose really.  Just to know God better and feeling oneself known by Him; touched by His perfect love.  
Some would say they go to church for that and its enough.  I don't know about that.  There were times when God removed His prophets from the mainstream for the purpose of replenishing their spirits; giving new direction, allowi…