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ANGELS: HAVE YOU EVER MET AN ANGEL? on the link above...
Above is a link to my 2009 blog on angels, which is suddenly holding interest for readers.  I'm always thrilled when this happens.  As you can see it was written in 2009; the year I started this blog.  Because of renewed interest, I updated it slightly; added a few more verses. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  I pray warfare prayers for my blog readers on a regular basis.  Much love and thanks in Christ from your sister...  Alexandra Clair

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'I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out the plain truth of things,' Paul said in closing. 'The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people worldwide, is to pursue the cause of liberty. If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.'

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I don't cover politics much on this blog because others of you do that very well and my own gift set is pretty narrow.  I thought that Romney would be elected, but I also thought that O.J. Simpson was very obviously guilty of murdering his wife and her friend and any jury in the land would see this and find him guilty.  Thirty years ago I was very fond of Ralph Nadar and thought he would someday be elected president and I also liked and voted for Ross Perot as I liked Ron Paul.  At heart I'm an independent, but a registered republican because I want to vote in the primary and there are some break issues like abortion that  will never have my vote.    This is what I, no expert, think.  The republican party that gave us milk toast McCain and gave us Romney is, is, is...  well there is something wrong there.  I want to know why Chris Christie turned against Romney at the 11th hour because I don't care what he says, he is too much of an astute politician not to have calculated…


Haunted Houses and Deliverance.  Given the time of year you may want to read this blog written in 2011.  Just click on the link above.  I don't celebrate Halloween in any way.  October 31st is a current satanic holiday that includes blood sacrifice. 
Did any one besides me hear Jerry Sandusky's protestations of innocence today and feel outrage for the victims.  People of his ilk are so enmeshed with the pretense, deriving satisfaction from successfully maintaining the double life, that remorse shouldn't be expected.  Of course he got away with it for so long.  Why would he in anyway respect honesty?  He cloaked himself in lies in order to protect his sin until this became who he was. 
The disappearance and murder of the Gricar brothers (PA District Attorney, Ray Gricar) are tied to the Sandusky pedophile ring.  See link below.  If I had the expertise in this area I'd start researching.  Maybe someone will do…


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Last night I went to see the movie, UNCONDITIONAL, with my friend Marj.  This project is the creative brain child of and produced by, Jason Atkins.  It was filmed on location in Nashville, TN and on Jason's property. (I loved the barn)  For only the second time in all my movie going history the audience actually applauded at the end of the film.  With not a dry eye in the house, including my own.  I needed a tissue. Many small budget, independent films (This budget was 2,000,000 according to The Numbers website) are poorly produced and some aspect often leaves me feeling distracted.  This film was the whole package.  I was very much with the characters and following the plot as the story unfolded.  UNCONDITIONAL is a bright spot for independent writers and producers who are breaking new ground as the many aspects of film as a commercial product becomes not only more accessi…

WOOD'S END / WORLD'S END; DELIVERANCE AND OUTCOME - and a little personal history.

Early on, before I had the spiritual maturity to recognize the truth of what I was seeing / living, I would pray and ask Jesus Christ to take certain experiential burdens far from me. I did not want to discern demonic activity in the circumstances around me.  The truth is that we are all designed with unique characteristics and yet, we share inspiring commonalities in traits, personality, and spiritual connectedness that coalesce our God-Gifted humanity.  The outcome are spiritual gifts and godly power that grow out of suffering, are refined in obedience, and overwhelmingly conquer in spiritual warfare. 

It is heartening to hear from so many who claim a calling in the area of deliverance.  Fellow believers who see beyond the superficial constructs to risk engagement.  And I'm so glad they feel this blog has helped to validate their ministry and gifts.  There seem to be more of us in the world; stepping up to the plate to claim gifts of Deliverance and Discernment and Discernment a…

PRINCE HARRY BOUGHT IT. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE HIGH PLACES, STAYS IN THE HIGH PLACES. If you believe that I have some prime Florida real estate I'd like to sell you situated right in the midst of the beautiful Everglades! Water front lots; safe for children and pets. 2nd Chronicles 15; Exodus 32

Attention!  Let all the people of the world listen!  The Sovereign Lord has made accusations against you; the Lord speaks from His holy Temple.  Look!  The Lord is coming!  He leaves His throne in heaven and comes to earth, walking on the high places.  They melt beneath His feet and flow into the valleys like wax in a fire, like water pouring down a hill (Vision of  the Prophet Micah - Micah 1: 2-4). 

Since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, godly lives you should be living!
2nd Peter 3: 11
Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 
(1st Corinthians 3: 16).
Unless God sends us to minister, there are just some places Christians should not be.  Seeking entertainment many go there anyway.  When was the last time you heard anyone in church say, "We're going to Las Vegas for a lot of drinking, to see a few shows that celebrate debauchery and raw humor.  We want to support an institution that plunges children into pov…


How could anyone forget Katrina and the terrible aftermath? One of my good friends is from the New Orleans area and has a long family history of being rooted in that part of the country.  I'd love to visit some time, but there would be a few places visited by tourists that you would not find me without a direct word that I should be there for a godly purpose.  I was asked some time ago if I thought God caused Katrina.  When the earthquake in Haiti occurred I was asked the same.  This is what I feel scripture reveals.   

Some natural disasters are punishment brought about or allowed by God to get our attention.  Some are a natural occurrence in a world that functions under laws that govern how the universe operates.  Others are the work of man's principal enemy, satan.  That said, all three catalysts may impact circumstances, but only one has ultimate power.  This is the Creator of all, the one true God of the universe under whose watch nothing occurs by random happenstance.