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6/11/12  I'm amazed at how many people read this particular blog.  I want to say that everyone can have a bad day and that newscasters and interviewers can be ambused by circumstances beyond their control.  I've had that experience myself.  Jamie Colby seems to have learned from the disaster of this interview; might even have been the victim of some poor planning by those around her.  Who knows???  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but do not feel inclined to remove this post.  Why?  Because it did happen and something can be learned.      

What was Fox News thinking when they "threw" the December 19th interview together with host Jamie Colby.  The title, should anyone want to watch is...

How Will Kim Jong Il's Death Change North Korea?

Featured quest, along with two other less memorable characters, was Adrian Hong of, Pegasus Strategies.  I have no idea who he is, but I'm now interested enough to google his name. 

In fluorescent pink, in December no less, Jamie Colby looks like she might just as well head out on the street; pimp trailing.  If I were her mother and I'm old enough to be, I would say what I did to my granddaughter this summer.  "Honey! I love you!  And for this reason, I can't let you go out dressed like that."  And this little trip was Walgreens (an anonymous audience) and then lunch with my canasta group and NOT national television.  

One can't teach good taste and one has to wonder what image is portrayed as the very criminal, horrendous conduct on the scale of Hitlers' Holocaust is discussed.  Where was Greta?  Her uniform is unimaginable, but at least it doesn't steel from a serious topic; the subtext of wardrobe never being a problem for Greta.  We take her seriously and listen carefully.  Yeah, Greta!      

Now granted, I don't watch much television.  I have one, but don't have cable and avoid the mind numbing intrusions that flood the airways and masquerade as entertainment. I like Fox News and bring it up on my computer once a day.  I'll still tune in so in the vein of nagging...     

I was deeply embarrassed for guest, Adrian Hong who obviously feels great compassion and outrage for the millions of North Korean people that have perished and will continue to perish as long as this evil, demonically controlled regime continues to rule.   What evil hates more than anything else is exposure, honesty, and loss of image.  Mr. Adrian Hong was making progress, heading down that road.    

So who does Jamie Colby bring in as her co-guests?   Given the topic she matches heavy weight Hong with one possible middleweight and one pathetic no weight whose research included James Bond and a past movie no one remembers.  This is perhaps the best that can be accomplished in a macabre attempt at being superficially pithy.  At least the comedian had the good sense not to act the part. 

I say... fire whoever picked out that lipstick and that shirt for Jamie.  If she dressed herself, well I'm so sorry because you are not fifteen. Send in someone who knows better.  Maybe Jamie could have lunch with Gretchen Carlson and they could discuss fashion.   Maybe Diane Sawyer, where ever she is these days could join them.  Then Gretchen and Diane could take Jamie shopping with a little money from the wardrobe budget.  My sister, Mary, has great fashion sense and lives a train ride away from Manhattan.  She'd be glad to help out if everyone else is too busy.  Then go; NO RUN immediately to the makeup department and toss the day-glo pink lipstick.  Your audience doesn't care what color Seventeen Magazine is selling.  Do they even still publish Seventeen Magazine? 

Lastly try not to make a parody of such a serious topic ever again.  Whoever booked Mr. Hong with these other two choices might be reassigned to the mail room and then sent back to school to read lots of history; Bible and homework required.    

So sorry, Mr. Hong that you had to sit there as the conversation was wrested away from substance.  As far as I'm concerned all that you needed was one camera and a little time.  Your heartfelt passion, intelligence, and knowledge came through and I for one would have appreciated hearing and learning more.    

Do you think this might be why alternative news sources are doing so well? 

Words matter and speak volumes about who we are.  Image makes an ancillary statement, but is only considered substance in a declining culture.  God will not continue to strive with North Korean leadership described so well by Adrian Hong.  They will bring upon themselves the end they have forced on others.  Mr. Hong predicted that one quarter or one half additional million people will die after the 28 year old replacement takes over.  That is 250,000 or 500,000 needless lives lost.  We need to pray for all North Koreans; putting this country on many prayer lists and most notably on our own.  Think I'll stop what I'm doing right now and add North Korea to mine.  

Mr. Hong... Here is a verse God's Holy Spirit gave just now for you personally.  Keep speaking; your words matter; the vision true.   

Then the Lord answered me and said, "record the vision and inscribe it on tablets that the man who reads it may run.  For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal  and it will not fail.  Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay" 
(Habakkuk 2: 2, 3). 

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