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I’ve been following the Sandusky crime travesty and broad institutional cover-up.  So yes, the title of this blog is The Sandusky Crime Ring.Why? Because pedophiles run in packs and packs reproduce.  Then, so as not to overuse resources, or over hunt in a particular area; a practice that puts too many at risk, they break off and start new crime rings.  Sin needs company to justify and protect an illegal enterprise. 
I don’t believe for a second that the death of District Attorney, Ray Gricar isn’t connected to a yet to be uncovered ring of Pedophiles; and not one ring but many if the leads are actually followed.  Ray was onto them.  He hadn't dropped his investigation.  I'm thinking that the night he disappeared he went to meet someone who claimed to have evidence and came face to face with a killer. 
These people killed, first Ray's brother who may have been helping him.  Who could Ray trust, but his brother.  I have a trustworthy brother I'd confide in if I felt myse…