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WALKING ON WATER: Faith trumps the seen world with unseen power. Amen!!!

I was at the Rosebriar Christmas open house yesterday with my book, WOOD'S END.  I sold a few, met lots of people with kindles and nooks and gave out at least five hundred bookmarks.  More important than this blessing I had some wonderful fellowship with women I'm grateful to have met. 
Standing with my friend Marj, Renee' gave us an impromptu sermon inspired by the Holy Spirit.  She shared her story of how her husband lost his job and they lived in one room of a rented house for two years in order to save money and survive.  She shared what she learned... that money is an idol and that God's provision is a faithful and true provision to those that keep their eyes on Him.  Renee's words were born of adversity.
Shared as her story was, in the middle of a busy room, it felt as if the three of us were entirely alone.  When Renee' was interrupted she ignored the suggestion she go sell her beautiful hand knitted items and went right on speaking what the Holy Spirit …


Those who have read my blogs over the last two years realize that I was divorced this year.  March 3, 2011 to be exact.  My ex-husband relapsed after 13 years of sobriety.  Then for two years, 2009-2011, it was a heartbreaking fight with rehab, periods of doing well, and then... those ten steps back to that place that dictates we start all over again. 

I didn't leave him.  I'm sure I would have gotten around to it; was heading in that direction when he had a near fatal auto accident.  He was a few days in the trauma unit before he could say who he was.  I wasn't looking for him because of the history.  My heart sank when I realized I would have to bring him home.  Coming home meant I would be hoping; once more emotionally invested and therefore open to even more hurt.  He was facing surgery, had a serious head injury, and a broken shoulder and yet it was no more than six weeks before he was off chasing the slavery of the past. 

At every juncture I was hopeful, but there wa…