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There are many cults of Christianity.  Scripture tells us that they will be on the rise during the last days and will increase as we draw closer to the end of this age and the start of the great and terrible tribulation described in the book of Revelation. 

So I did a little query on cult definitions.  Some describe a cult as, "a religious system of worship with rites and ceremonies."  That could ambiguously apply to both the Catholic and mainstream Protestant faiths and so I'm a bit offended by such a limited definition.  Others read: "Great veneration for a person, place, or thing." 

I like this term: Cult of Christianity.  A Cult of Christianity describes a group that incorporates, misapplies, and manipulates "Christian" (Bible) teaching. This term aptly implies a distinguishing difference between Biblical-grounded faith and worship - and those cults that pervert the Word of God while inter-weaving damaging rituals or abusive methods aimed at contr…