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WALK THE LINE: A Belated Movie Review

Since I'm writing a screen play; something I've not done before, I'm suddenly interested in movies and how they're made.  I learned much in watching the 30 pages of Wood's End script come alive over a long weekend at the end of March.  The contribution of so many necessary disciplines was fascinating.  I saw that the one had potential to derail the others and how important balance was for the entire process. 
I watched the movie, "Walk the Line."  I'd seen it when it came out but picked it up again, mainly to watch JW's (J.W. Williams)  performance since he played Jared in our Wood's End film teaser and a drug dealer in Walk the Line.
I don't recall what I thought of the movie initially.  I'm sure I found it entertaining and enjoyed the music.  In this second viewing what didn't I like?  I didn't like the way Johnny Cash's first wife Vivian was portrayed.  I felt the writing was invested in a view point with an obvious posit…