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A couple of emails were exchanged.  He said to read Psalm 126 and I heard Psalm 26.  Then I emailed back and said I would pray Psalm 26 in agreement that very day and evening.  What spoke to me about these two Psalms?
Psalm 126 speaks praise at answered prayer in that Jehovah-God returned the captives to Jerusalem after the long Babylonian captivity.  The temple in Jerusalem had been the seat of holiness and therefore rest and safety in God.  Here, the former captives, would reconstruct the walls (Nehemiah) and re-build the Temple (Ezra and Nehemiah) as they reclaimed the freedom stolen from them. 
The symbolism is replete with so many applications, but for now I write of the following.  Captives... those in bondage to addiction... returning to abide in Christ.  Building walls of protection; boundaries that put a gulf between them and former habits, places, and people; no longer in bondage to the grief of rebellion and sin.  The need is for that precious autonomy (free will) to be res…

Radio Interview

I have a radio interview Friday, tomorrow night with Lizette Wild.  The link is above.  Begins at 8PM central time and should go about fifty minutes.  Please listen if you can or call in and especially if you have a comment or question about the book or the screen play.  The call in number is: 347-934-0757
Hope some will make time to call.  Love you.  Alex

Order Wood's End.


My winter bulbs are beginning to turn green; first the hyacinths and then the tulips will follow.  Planting tulips inside is a first.  The photo on the package was an odd shade of peach I may soon be assigning to the wall of my office. Last year I planted late and wrote about them, quoting the verse about how God plants eternity in the hearts of men.  I love that verse.  I believe that verse and, in fact, every single syllable of each word God has bequeathed to us in the awesome promise of life everlasting.  Besieged by grief and loss I almost didn't plant my inside bulbs this year.  But I'm a creature of habit and while I feel so little satisfaction in life right now; I remember how I enjoyed them in previous years.
There is a redeeming quality in habit.  I send myself to the computer to write the screen play as I punch in the laundry wash.  Habit moves me to send a resume in hopes of a job that is a calling that requires reserves that focus on others and not myself.  I need t…

Blog Talk Radio Interview / Thursday, January 6th

This interview has been changed to January 7, 2011.
I'll have the pleasure of speaking with Denice Newton on her Radio show.  This will be at 5PM Eastern Time.  For those of us that live in TN this will be Central Time / 4PM.  Please pray against technical difficulties, any postponement or interruption.  On both the Keith Henderson / Tribulation Report and Michael Vara / Late Night in the Midlands we experienced interruptions that I'm sure discouraged people from listening.  I have to wonder if the date change and cancellation is truly another coincidence and I'm praying right now for Denice that all is smooth in her life as well as that of her family.  This has developed into a pattern.  We know from where such opposition comes.  Satan does not want people reading WOOD'S END.  Translation:  Jesus Christ has a very great blessing in store for all of us connected to…

HAUNTED HOUSES and LOCATIONS... SENDING DEMON SPIRITS TO THE PIT: TWO HOUSE CLEANSINGS; do you have a spiritual gift set of Deliverance and Discerment?

If you are called to this area or find that you are dealing with demonic attacks, I suggest you read my book: Discerning Spirits: Visionary Gifts in Practice (amazon both soft cover and e-book.)  I often recommend Freedom Encounters to people in bondage to a satanic background, areas of entrenched addictions, or attacks.  
I recently assisted in two house cleansings nearly back to back. When there is truly a demonic infestation this can be exhausting work and especially when you, and those you are there to help, are not on the same page.  Many Christian people have allowed themselves to be informed by Hollywood rather than the Bible.  They've adopted a kind of amalgam of culture, media, and Christian tradition as they strive to figure out what's happening.  I say toss all three out...  media, culture, and yes most denominational tradition.  Read the wonderful rich examples modeled for us in the Old and New Testament.  

Each time I'm struck with how…