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6/11/12  I'm amazed at how many people read this particular blog.  I want to say that everyone can have a bad day and that newscasters and interviewers can be ambused by circumstances beyond their control.  I've had that experience myself.  Jamie Colby seems to have learned from the disaster of this interview; might even have been the victim of some poor planning by those around her.  Who knows???  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but do not feel inclined to remove this post.  Why?  Because it did happen and something can be learned.      

What was Fox News thinking when they "threw" the December 19th interview together with host Jamie Colby.  The title, should anyone want to watch is...
How Will Kim Jong Il's Death Change North Korea?
Featured quest, along with two other less memorable characters, was Adrian Hong of, Pegasus Strategies.  I have no idea who he is, but I'm now interested enough to google his name. 
In fluorescent pink, in December …

Shanetria Peterson / Blog Radio

I have a blog radio interview tomorrow; 12/20/11  Hope you can tune in or go back later and listen on archives.  9AM Eastern / 8AM Central / 7AM Mountain / 6AM Pacific Call in number is: 714-868-0232 Good thing I'm a morning person...  I look forward to chatting with Shanetria Peterson!



I’ve been following the Sandusky crime travesty and broad institutional cover-up.  So yes, the title of this blog is The Sandusky Crime Ring.Why? Because pedophiles run in packs and packs reproduce.  Then, so as not to overuse resources, or over hunt in a particular area; a practice that puts too many at risk, they break off and start new crime rings.  Sin needs company to justify and protect an illegal enterprise. 
I don’t believe for a second that the death of District Attorney, Ray Gricar isn’t connected to a yet to be uncovered ring of Pedophiles; and not one ring but many if the leads are actually followed.  Ray was onto them.  He hadn't dropped his investigation.  I'm thinking that the night he disappeared he went to meet someone who claimed to have evidence and came face to face with a killer. 
These people killed, first Ray's brother who may have been helping him.  Who could Ray trust, but his brother.  I have a trustworthy brother I'd confide in if I felt myse…

WALKING ON WATER: Faith trumps the seen world with unseen power. Amen!!!

I was at the Rosebriar Christmas open house yesterday with my book, WOOD'S END.  I sold a few, met lots of people with kindles and nooks and gave out at least five hundred bookmarks.  More important than this blessing I had some wonderful fellowship with women I'm grateful to have met. 
Standing with my friend Marj, Renee' gave us an impromptu sermon inspired by the Holy Spirit.  She shared her story of how her husband lost his job and they lived in one room of a rented house for two years in order to save money and survive.  She shared what she learned... that money is an idol and that God's provision is a faithful and true provision to those that keep their eyes on Him.  Renee's words were born of adversity.
Shared as her story was, in the middle of a busy room, it felt as if the three of us were entirely alone.  When Renee' was interrupted she ignored the suggestion she go sell her beautiful hand knitted items and went right on speaking what the Holy Spirit …


Those who have read my blogs over the last two years realize that I was divorced this year.  March 3, 2011 to be exact.  My ex-husband relapsed after 13 years of sobriety.  Then for two years, 2009-2011, it was a heartbreaking fight with rehab, periods of doing well, and then... those ten steps back to that place that dictates we start all over again. 

I didn't leave him.  I'm sure I would have gotten around to it; was heading in that direction when he had a near fatal auto accident.  He was a few days in the trauma unit before he could say who he was.  I wasn't looking for him because of the history.  My heart sank when I realized I would have to bring him home.  Coming home meant I would be hoping; once more emotionally invested and therefore open to even more hurt.  He was facing surgery, had a serious head injury, and a broken shoulder and yet it was no more than six weeks before he was off chasing the slavery of the past. 

At every juncture I was hopeful, but there wa…

IVA Writes Now Presents Woods End author Alexandra Clair 07/21 by IVA Radio Network | Blog Talk Radio

IVA Writes Now Presents Woods End author Alexandra Clair 07/21 by IVA Radio Network Blog Talk Radio

Read my book Wood's End and let me know your thoughts!Order new edition of the paperback $16.95 Click on the link below to order book / Also on Amazon.
Wood's End is in development as an independent Christian Film. A signed copy can be ordered from this website.


I'm excited to say that within a couple of days Wood's End will be available on Kindle. 
We're making progress with the trailer.  I've seen one finished scene and another that is still incomplete.  Brian is working to finish this week and then we'll just have the bed burning scene (those of you that have read the book know what this means) and a very short scene with Andrea played by Amye Gousset and Stephanie played by Bridget McCall. 
The book can still be ordered on this website and photo's of the shoot are posted on my Face Book page.  Friend me and lets chat.
I have a radio Interview this Thursday, September 15th with Linda Leon.  Linda is a media specialist focused on authors.  She has a genuine love for the written word.  If you want to call in and talk, even share your thoughts about Wood's End, please do so.  I love hearing from friends of the book.
LINDA LEON / "TUNE" YOUR COMPUTER  IN AT:  11:30 am CENTRAL /  Book That Author on www.blogt…


I have a friend at church who reminds me to blog.  Thanks Mary.  Glad to know you're following these posts.  I've been remiss in keeping this up.  Among the many challenges of late...  some that have continued now for three years and that I'm praying I'll soon see an end to.  I'm working on a ghost writing project.  This has turned out to be a blessing and is the story of a young man who is no longer with us.  I've prayed that God would give me a clear understanding of him; a supernatural sense of not just what he suffered and who he was when he lived, but the victory of knowing Christ and being before the throne of grace... just as he is today.
I wanted to blog about Job.  Yes, I'm reading the book of Job, which has never been my favorite book.  When we read about a good person who suffers to the degree that Job did I think it's just a given that we'll be uncomfortable with this conundrum of God's love in view of man's suffering.  So...  I&#…


It seems that whenever deliverance is called for there is always opposition.  Often it comes from unexpected sources.  While the opposition may superficially appear to be caused by others I've learned to ask myself... how does this invite me to evidence more the character of Christ?  Is there un-confessed sin in my own life?  Is there a resolving encounter I've put off or needed and failed to recognize in regard to a brother or sister in the Lord?  I call these the Nathan / David encounters.  We all know the story from 2nd Samuel 12.  I find that removing the log from my own eye is a constant challenge.     
After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.  To Him be dominion forever and ever, Amen (1st Peter (5: 10, 11). 
Opposition may commonly manifest through events. 1.  A competing "emergency" that on closer examination turns out to be noth…