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TONIGHT The link to listen live is

I had Michael Vara's name spelled wrong. Marj told me she couldn't access the show and just called to point out my mistake. So sorry. Hope tonights email, of just a few minutes ago reached some of you with the correction.

Call in number: 347-989-1012 / 10:00PM Eastern Time
9:00 Pm - 10:45 PM tonight...

The link to listen live is

Two Upcoming Radio Interviews

This Friday, October 22nd, I'll be talking about Wood's End on blog talk radio with Michael Vara. I'll be sharing how Wood's End was informed by my calling of Deliverance and Intercession. I'll be discussing the two commitments that may open the door to demonic control and the three that define possession. I'm a born-again Christian and so my view is founded on Scripture as well as the ministry and calling conferred by the Holy Spirit; spiritual gifts given to every believer. If you've read Wood's End and want to share your thoughts about the supernatural and preternatural elements of the book please tune in. Check out Michael Vera's show at:

The call in number for the show is 347-989-1012

I'm also scheduled to be on a poetry show on Saturday, but have yet to confirm. Those of you that read my work know that I put a poem in every book. I don't consider myself a great…