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10/3/12  This short intro added...
All those that have an addict in their life need to decide what they will and won't do.  I had to personally come to this after making many mistakes.  My husband, an alcoholic, relapsed after thirteen years of sobriety and then partnered with another woman who was also an addict, introducing other substances into the equation.  I loved this man; loved my sober husband.  Even now, I miss him.  And yet, as he destroyed everything we had, it was necessary to disengage from him and from his addiction in order to save myself.  But more important, if my life would count for Christ I could not be associated with that lifestyle which for the sober person requires a high  degree of denial programming. I chose obedience to God.  In this I had to personally change so that, not in my power, but in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, I could disengage with love in order to pray as an intercessor... in holiness.  Not until I fought this battle could I comprehend what it meant to be humanly helpless and utterly dependent on my Savior, Jesus Christ.      
It was not easy.  I made mistakes along the way.  Deciding what boundaries and what help I would and would not offer became a life saving tool for me.  In one heartbreaking occurrence I got him into rehab, the right choice, but within ten days this woman had tracked him down and traveled some distance to aggressively get him out.  She was so enmeshed with him in a drug dependent relationship that she never let go, making attempts at health and reconciliation seem impossible.  Choices were made and I had to lay the denial programming down and acknowledge that the man I loved made these choices.     
It was necessary to "let go and let God" and that isn't to say I wouldn't take part in an intervention or help facilitate treatment again.  But it is to say that I had to literally walk out the words of this common refrain which I heard over and over again as I attended Al-Anon meetings.  I also heard it from two wonderful mentors who held me up in honesty and friendship, through one crisis after another.  
As you read what I've written below the words may seem harsh.  Just know that I have great compassion for those struggling with what I struggled with.  I've been there and yet, no matter how dark my circumstances, my Savior Jesus Christ was right there with me.  I didn't always see it.  Many times I desperately cried out to God for the man I loved; the man whom satanic bondage in the form of addiction transformed into a person unrecognizable.     
My prayers were not answered in the way that I expressed them.  I wanted my marriage back; I wanted my sober husband back.  But, yes, thank you Jesus, my prayers were answered.  
Although I don't see him today, it would not be accurate to say that we are no longer connected.  In the name of Jesus Christ, in the unseen realm where I commit his fate to the Holy Spirit and to angels, calling out deliverance I am present.  I have confidence,  without a shred of doubt, that my prayers are, even now, being answered though I have... let go.  I am letting God.  I am no longer grieving this loss in the same way and I believe what I know.  The battle is not mine.  If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself (2nd Timothy 3: 13).  Also 1st Corinthians 3: 15. 
Below is what I personally learned. Maybe it could be said better, but... the words come from the heart; lessons learned in the crucible of intense and profound loss.  

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Addiction diminishes ones capacity to operate with the normal defenses in place; the God-given defenses that have erected a kind of cognitive barrier between us and the unseen realm. Many that use drugs begin to be perilously aware of those preternatural invitations to align oneself more and more with an evil entity. Things around addicts absorb a demonic power as with the so called, "love affair," with the needle; while all kinds of rituals and obsessions take root to further enslave.

Often when I'm called to evaluate what can be discerned in a location I find a history of addiction in the recent or past history of the people that have lived there. The two may not always partner and yet they do far more often than not. Just as is the case with all pagan rituals drugs have a role to play in opening doors to the preternatural realm which a person in their right mind would most often have a fear of and hopefully reject.

For many that first drink or that first hit is the only real choice they make. They have a biochemical predisposition to the drug of choice. Some drugs are so powerful that separating from the high seems an impossible feat; only accomplished with the help of Jesus Christ. We know that many are helped by treatment and can maintain abstinence through wonderful programs like AA. That said I want it understood that on this blog I write from a different, more singular perspective. I write to unmask the satanic elements of addiction that work over time to keep the victim enslaved. Peripherally others are impacted; often tragically. Generational patterns of abuse and dysfunction are set in place.

Satan, the quotient we sometimes avoid looking at, is fully invested in any area that enslaves one to life-consuming behaviors.  Life-consuming behaviors are those that in the extreme shorten life or sabotage relationships forcing a kind of isolation. The addict and the drug of choice takes priority of place in all areas and opens the door to demonic strongholds of control; Food, Rage, Gambling. The valued ability to self determine a course of action, to make healthy choices closes bit by bit.  Disabling choice and creating bondage is not of God; never has been and never will be.  God created us to prefer life and health so that we could choose a relationship with His son, Jesus Christ.  

Addictions are always complex and multiple.  Can Christian's have a demon?  The answer is yes, they can.  Any behavior that is a deeply embedded pattern of thought and behavior, that is harmful to self and others, and which one has difficulty separating from becomes a stronghold from which demons operate.  That said, in Christ, Christians have not only the power, but also the authority to break these strongholds via deliverance, forgiveness, obedience to change, insight...     

As addiction lays an ever deeper claim we see that our loved ones become less recognizable as the son, daughter, wife, husband we once knew. In many ways they stop growing and expanding interpersonal skills and insight. Some seriously regress.The teaching that is titled "King Baby" is very applicable. Those that never sincerely professed Christ may even become ambulatory possessed. Addicts who are Christians cannot be "possessed" in the same way, but demons can set up in the flesh and mind... so yes.  Christians do need deliverance from evil spirit attachments and to think other wise flies in the face of experience and common sense.

Most difficult for us who love Jesus and have those same expectations of the addict, is that preternatural denial and blindness that encapsulates us in indecision or useless solutions. Denial is very strong programming and especially where satan is invested in keeping people in bondage for the impact on the broader testimony or  ministry.  We don't want to see the growing influence of sin as the addict begins to wear the imprint of evil, moving to act out the stamp of evil. It is often the case that we don't see this until a loving God jolts us to awareness; allowing crisis and consequence. 

We are commanded to marshal the supernatural power of prayer to affect the destiny of those in bondage to sin. I personally believe that the growing fascination with vampires and other mythical creatures, having a kind of preternatural power to control the mind and body, is directly linked to those godless alliances that are fueled by an addictive culture on the road to losing ever greater autonomy and freedom.  

And they were casting out many demons and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them (Mark 6: 13).

The generous nature of good people makes us vulnerable to emotional dependency. We want to understand the addict, which is to be sucked into the disease. Far better to educate and understand addiction, arming our prayer life so that we can actually pray in the will of God. Today there is much known about addiction with many resources including what can be learned in Al-anon and other equivalents. All of us, given the right circumstances, can become spiritually and emotionally entangled by the unending demands of the addict. The dependency needs and issues are massive and too much for any one person to handle alone and yet, pride invites us to think that if we build a support system for ourselves we are betraying the addict.  This is always a lie of satan who wants us to isolate with the addict. God created us to need one another and there are emotionally mature and safe people you can reach out to. 

Drug dependency mimics by perversion that basic infantile state where one is highly focused on the physical imperative for food, water, and nurture. Only now that infantile imperative is not focused on what is healthy, but what is unhealthy. The adult is back to an utterly helpless state, enslaved to the sin of addiction, often having a genetic predisposition to addiction. 

In relating to addicts we forget that their brains are not operating as ours are. They don't hear what we hear when words are spoken and are often deprived of essential nutrients needed to think clearly. All communication is singularly focused on achieving the gain of feeding the craving that some accurately call a beast. As the addiction progresses empathy is lost. In this context family members and friends are important only as far as they can be manipulated and worked in the pursuit of money or drugs; and or the opportunistic access to the addiction, whatever that may be. 

You might plead: "Please get help. I've found a treatment center for you."  The addict hears: "You have money I can use for drugs; how can I get some of that money now." 

We might say: "You look like hell. Your clothes are dirty. When did you last eat?"  The addict hears: "I can manipulate this caring, having a place to crash for a few days."

Isolation is necessary for any sexual addiction. You might say, "I think I'll take the kids and visit my mother for the weekend."  The porn addict replies, "take a week." 

Learn about emotional dependency if you are living this.  By it's very nature, as we watch a loved one morph into a stranger, we grieve the very real loss of our expectations and interactions with that person. And here love must take on a different definition in that it can no longer rest in the realm of a parent - child relationship or a husband - wife relationship that has become dependent.  We can not be all things to this person, though as long as we have something to give they will want us in this role. We must give up the fantasy thinking that we can make a difference and turn to God for a miracle of healing and deliverance.  Everything about enmeshment and dependency, feeling our happiness rests on the outcome of one person's choices, is about sin and bondage. Bondage is the ground that Satan camps upon.

Those closest to the addict are immediately vulnerable to forming a dependent relationship and in fact, this unhealthy dynamic is the one an addict must stroke, groom, and maintain.  Any relationship that stands in the way of God working is sin. Sin that we refuse to give up through the enabling relationship becomes an idol. In our own efforts to be the the one person who can make a difference we hinder God from working. Demonic power works through whatever that idol happens to be.

The addict manoeuvres the person they perceive as showing them the most unconditional love into the place of being the primary caregiver. The primary caregivers are deftly groomed to provide the very basic needs similar to what is provided to an infant.  This person crosses over from being the passive facilitator to an active facilitator; partnering in sin and bringing the prospect of early death closer as they "control."  This is the person who buys drugs for the addict or buys the alcohol or provides money so the addict won't indulge in risky behavior as if they are not already doing so.   

Here is an important comparison to consider.  All things satanic are a reversal of all things Christ-centered. This is because satan is not creative and cannot create. The death drive of satan is to pervert all that is life-giving; good in Christ. When we seek to understand the degree of preternatural influence that we must pray against we look for these perverse patterns of reversal. All those tied by blood or love to an addict are moved into an inappropriate parental role. That precious nurturing love of a parent for a child, as a parents' love moves a child along a path toward autonomy and freedom, free to choose all that is good, is perverted in the enablers relationship with the addict. Under a false banner of love the addict is singularly focused on grooming persons closest to them into meeting the needs of an overwhelming, life-consuming, drive for the drug of choice. As mothers milk once provided life and sustenance to the infant, drugs take an adult back to infancy. This satanic reversal and perversion leads to slavery and death.

It is not appropriate or useful to care-give the addict. Doing so is to circumvent God's plan for rescue. Paul wrote: I have decided to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus (1st Corinthians 5: 5). As we allow addicts access to our lives we endanger ourselves as well as others. We become part of the insanity of addiction. Stubborn sin, that fantasy that we are more important to the process of rescue than we are, now stands as a barrier between us and God. Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough?

While it might seem that the parent or spouse, continually sucked into allowing the addict to be the addict, is stronger and even moral the reverse is actually true. The person committed to rescue, with an ego centered commitment to making the difference, is the weaker person. It is a lie of satan that a loving parent, husband, or wife can exercise control over the addict. The addict may be enslaved to a drug, but the enabler is enslaved to a false perception of power and control. In emotionally dependent relationships where one is an addict the other can be equally addicted.

Both the addict and the spouse or parent are needy. The one who espouses love, as their actions assist in prolonging the addiction, is the weaker of the two. The addict is the stronger of the two, being singularly focused on "feeding the beast," even as they posture a different impression entirely. The addict controls the person who is the means of their survival as an addict. Persons jumping through hoops, paying off drug dealers, giving money and access without accountability, providing a place to live at the demand of addicts... these people are controlled by the addict. They have lost the freedom and joy God intends, enslaved by defeat, partners in sin, open to preternatural influence and control; in need of confession. They too need healing and deliverance. Additionally, it may be that the home that has harbored an addict needs the cleansing prayer of an intercessor; a little holy water, a little salt and much deliverance.

When we partner with addiction by making the addictive life in any way possible, we throw wide the door to those preternatural influences that further enslave. Satan speaks to the addict within the mind. As that voice is given preeminence, the heart loses resolve. There is a lack of fear over Godly-consequences. The "it" spoken of in this verse is the satanic control one chooses to give over through an ever greater commitment to addictive sin / life consuming behaviors.

Transgression speaks to the ungodly within his heart; there is no fear of God before his eyes. For it (Satan) flatters him in his own eyes concerning the discovery of his iniquity and the hatred of it. The words of his mouth are wickedness and deceit; he has ceased to be wise and to do good. He plans wickedness upon his bed; he sets himself on a path that is not good; he does not despise evil (Psalm 36: 1-4).

It is our holy calling to be salt and light; the caustic agent for transformation and change. Intercession is the primary tool of deliverance, unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit. While we pray for the addict to desire freedom, for God to do whatever is necessary even as He protects the addict from the finality of death, we understand that recovery cannot be forced.  And yet, both the enabler and the addict need deliverance. For reasons we don't fully understand, God more often chooses to operate through an experiential process. Every single demand of the addict for preternatural sustenance is a demand from satan to keep a hold on our loved one. To be effective there is a need to stand firm. To see the battle for what it is. We pray the power of intercession and deliverance, for the Holy Spirit to intervene, for confusion in the demonic realm of evil spirits, for no joy in sinning, for God to send his army of caustic agents (godly saints) to intervene light and salt in freedom and health to the ones we love.

It is a sad reality that those of us most invested in seeing the slave freed are seriously vulnerable to forming unhealthy, dependent, enabling relationships. When we confess those sins we step into the realm of godly solutions. We get out of the way; letting go and letting God.

So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy (Romans 9: 16).

With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints (Ephesians 6: 18). Read Ephesians 6: 10-24.
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