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Discernment is identified in the New American Standard Translation of the Bible as, “Discerning Spirits.” In simplistic terms this means that one has an awareness of the unseen world and its influence and workings, both godly and evil, as people or circumstances are impacted, led, opposed, or guided.

This spiritual gift sometimes goes unrecognized and is sadly never fully embraced. Often a very limited and secular definition is offered which hinders the person who has this gift from understanding those supernatural components that make the gift possible. 

John instructed that many false prophets have gone out into the world. Sent by satan, their job is to deceive the elect, to cause chaos, dissension, and conflict; to waste resources and derail ministry. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God (1st John 4: 1). Read 1st John 4: 1-6.

People with the Spiritual Gift of discernment have sensitive antenna, a God-planned innate ability, to probe beneath the superficial exterior to get at the truth. They may not initially understand the reasons why they feel uncomfortable even as others are on board supporting a person or plan. And yet, they have discerned that there is a spirit at work here that is not quite right. They are being moved by the Holy Spirit to take the next step, to investigate and question, to make this a matter of prayer and then to “test the spirits.”  In this exercise people with this gift are not always popular.  Some have a companion gift of prophecy and they don't really think like everyone else; especially if they are hearing from God and then standing up against prevailing opinion.   

If you have this gift, the following verse is especially appropriate. The Lord has said to me in the strongest terms: “Do not think like everyone else does. Do not be afraid that some plan conceived behind closed doors will be the end of you. Do not fear anything except the Lord almighty. He alone is the Holy One. If you fear him, you need fear nothing else. He will keep you safe." (Isaiah 8: 11 – 14).

Persons with this gift use intuition balanced by knowledge of scripture to spot a disingenuous person or false teaching. They sense when others have been deceived by experiential or “new age” encounters and can counsel on the perils of occult involvement. They can investigate claims of miraculous healing to know if this is truly a touch from the divine or a person claiming power that only belongs to God. They can investigate conflicts within the church body facilitating peace and resolution, Christ-centered intervention, intercessory prayer and deliverance.

These same skills translate into effective outcomes, and ethical purposes within the secular work place. Those with a gift set of Leadership and Discernment are valuable employees in any milieu. Those in law enforcement that have this gift, make fine detectives.  Many criminal profiler's have the gift of discerning spirits; "discerning" context beneath the surface and combined with their education are being used in significant ways to keep others safe.  I personally think that some writers have this gift and in a creative way God uses them to raise awareness.  Writing is one way that God uses this gift in me.  I may not always write in a polished manner, but I know that Jesus called me to write.   

Faithful saints who choose to develop and operate in the strength of this gift are interested in the motivations of others.  They probe the reasons in order to understand the context.  In both their secular jobs and in lay ministry discerning spirits may function in the role of a counselor-friend; bringing a godly perspective, salt and light. These people care about character, ethics, and morality and have a finely attuned appreciation for justice. They have a deep abiding confidence in the power of God to change circumstances and people, balanced by a healthy and cautionary insight into the reality that may present as wrong or even malevolent. 
All the visionary gifts have, in some measure or application, the companion gift of discerning spirits.  All accountability gifts require a gift of discernment in more general application.  Scripture teaches us how to apply and grow in discernment as we take into ourselves the word of the living God.   He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood and His name is called the word of God (Revelation 19: 13).   
Visionary Gifts are: Evangelism, Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance, Miracles.
Healing Gifts are: Mercy, Faith, Intercession,
Hospitality, Helps.
Facilitating Ministry Gifts are: Service, Administration, Leadership, Giving, Creative Ability.
Accountability Gifts are: Exhortation, Teaching, Knowledge, Shepherding, Discernment. 
Believers always have a combination of gifts which show a gift and then an individual application for the gift. In these applications, gift-sets, we often recognize our "calling." Some examples are: Discernment and Giving; Discernment and Deliverance, Discernment and Prophecy; Discernment and Leadership.

There are many examples in scripture that demonstrate the practical use of this gift. Barnabas exercised his spiritual gift of discernment shortly after Paul, also known as Saul, was blinded during his encounter with the risen Savior on the road to Damascus.

When he (Paul) came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing that he really was a disciple. But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. He told them how Saul on his journey had seen the Lord and that the Lord had spoken to him, and how in Damascus he had preached fearlessly in the name of Jesus. So Saul stayed with them and moved about freely in Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord (Acts 9: 26-28).

The believers had good reason to be afraid of Paul. He had stood in approval at the stoning of Stephen, guarding the coats of those who took part. Paul testified that prior to his conversion he had been a violent oppressor of the followers of Jesus Christ. “I persecuted the follows of this Way to their death, arresting both men and women, and throwing them into prison” (Acts 22: 4). After his conversion Paul sought needed fellowship from other believers, but a personal history of violent persecution and oppression prevented this.

Although he had no more objective evidence than other believers, Barnabas was prompted by the supernatural dynamics of his gift of Discernment to “test the spirits,” to see what God was telling him. Despite prevailing opinion he personally reached out to Paul, facilitating Paul’s acceptance as a true believer. In doing this he showed that he did not think like everyone else.

In the same way discerners' are called to be investigators. Many are drawn to law enforcement as a calling.  They balance the gift of Discernment with knowledge of scripture. They stay receptive to God’s leading through prayer. They sometimes experience a supernatural, Holy Spirit anointing to know if a person, plan, or claim is from Jesus Christ, from Satan, or egotistically centered on man’s agenda. The more they use this gift in the authority of Christ, walking in His example, the more often this anointing takes place.

Have this attitude in yourself, which was also in Christ Jesus, who although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross (Philippians 2: 5-8). Read the remainder of the passage.

Discernment is a necessary companion gift to that of Deliverance.  Believers that have this "spiritual sight" to discern the actual spirits others need to be freed from will facilitate healing and deliverance.  Because of the dynamics of this gift, by necessity, most are powerful intercessors committed to prayer. My new book (May 2013) Discerning Spirits: Visionary Gifts in Practice gives the Biblical context and application for this gift which is sadly out of favor and misunderstood in the self sufficient church.  If you think you have this gift read this short book; not more than a hundred pages, but will set you on the path to understanding the way that God has equipped you to function in the world and in the body of Christ.  I personally believe God is raising up and anointing more believers to this gift of actually discerning the spirits; both good and evil.   

A more general Discernment gift is often paired with the gift of Giving; very different from the spiritual gift set of Giving and Mercy where discernment is often lacking and needed in relationship to another believer. Those who practice this spiritual gift as a deliberate ministry need to acquire the gift of Knowledge.  Discernment without knowledge becomes a dangerous power; easily circumvented by satan.  Not every thought or bit of knowledge that pops into our head is from Jesus Christ. 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4: 6).  

Spiritual gifts are not fully launched unless we are in His word; reading scripture each day.

Caution: People who have the empathic gift of discernment sometimes wonder how they have arrived at certain conclusions before others. They question their right to judge, which is especially undermined by a culture steeped in situational ethics. Study 1st Corinthians 5 and your favorite Old Testament prophet.

Some may act in a leadership role, pointing out risks that others may not want to see. Your gift requires you to be courageous; to pray spiritual warfare when invited to do otherwise. But, He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s” (Matthew 16: 23).

Offer to serve on a church committee where decisions are made. Pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, your teacher and comforter. Humble yourself before God in prayer, understanding that you may sometimes be wrong and that only God is infallible. Study those scriptural passages that seem to echo areas where God particularly challenges you to serve. Above all be disciplined to study and know God’s word.
I have mentioned various applications for the gift of Discernment.  Then I've also written briefly about the spiritual gift of seeing with the "eyes of the heart" the actual  spirits in order to inform warfare.  Many that have escaped occult involvement have opened doors that will never be shut.  Since we know that God uses everything for His glory consider that there is a victorious calling that will come from a dark background.  Go to: www.freedomencounters.com Read my new book: Discerning Spirits: Visionary Gifts in Practice.  If you can't afford this book, but feel you need it... (cost: 12.00) or can't download it from Nook or Kindle; (cost 2.99.)

I have grouped Spiritual Gifts into the following four broad categories: Accountability Gifts, Healing Gifts, Facilitating Ministry Gifts, and Visionary Gifts.
Discernment is an ACCOUNTABILITY GIFT.
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  1. Discernment revealed the 1st Day of Creation:

    "The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of
    the deep. And the Spirit of G-D moved upon the face of the waters."

    Then G-D spoke HIS Word into being.......

    "Let there be Light"!

    And "There was Light".......

    And such 'Light' was to be, and is, Eternal!

    So Hope is Alive!

    Even though this wicked world begins and ends it's day in
    darkness it is good to realize that the 1st Day of Creation,
    although begun midst darkness, ended in 'Light'!

    And such 'Light' was not the sun, moon or stars for they were
    not created until the 4th Day.

    G-D's Word "Let there be Light" became 'The Light' and was "the glory
    The Messiah had with Our Father before the world began".......

    LIKE Begot Like.......

    LIGHT Begot Light.......

    The Messiah, "The Light of the world"(Jn8:12).......

    The Messiah, "The beginning of The Creation of G-D"(Rev1:1, 3:14).......

    Our Father, HE "created all things by(of, in, by and thru) The Messiah" (Ep3:9).......

    If the beginning can not be 'seen' or understood, then what of the end?

    Seems to me confusion reigns midst the darkness ;-(

    Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this world and
    it's systems of religion, "for the WHOLE world is under the control
    of the evil one" indeed and Truth.......

    Truth IS and IS Forever, a lie is not.......

    Abide in The Truth.......

  2. Thanks Elder Child. I appreciate you taking the time to share this. Blessings, Alex

  3. I know the Lord brought me to this website. I have a gift that i have had for years. I was even afraid to tell anyone becuase i was afraid i would be seen as a liar and "false prophet". I have strange visions in my head and the only thing I can think of is to draw them. I have also been able to sense peoples emotions and concerns. And I can sense spirits, and sometimes talk with them. Sometimes i don't see anything and just hear them. I try drawing what i see but lately have resorted to just jotting notes of what i see. I have been raised in church and have accepted the Lord and my savior. And it seems since then I was given this "gift". I tried to talk about and most people blow me off so I stopped. I have read the scriptures and no where in the bible does it describe this kind of spiritual gift. I was reading your blog and realized most of the scriptures I have been impressed to read were mentioned here. And the one I have had sense I got saved is Hab 2: 2 and 3. Just would like to know if I am crazy, or did God really give me this gift. Any comments would help. Good or bad.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Yes, the visionary gifts are real. If you can't find support for your gifts, how to grow them and have them under the authority of Jesus Christ within a church body find another church or talk with your pastor. Scripture clearly says that in the last days (ACts 2 and Joel) God's people will have visions. I personally love hearing from God.

  5. I believe that the Lord has given me at least to some degree the gift of discerning of spirits, but I am running into problems.
    First I am only able to discern something when there is no pressure on me. I know what's there, only when the Lord shows it too me. I feel like I have preformance anxiety, as if you asked me to go up and discern something I couldn't. Anyone ever have that problem? Any thoughts about how to over come this, so I may be open more to the gifts, and not having this anxiety holding me back.
    Finally I have had a few times where I have been spiritual attack, and that makes me what to never do it again. How can I lear to protect myself. I definitly thilnk that in my life I have a spirit of fear, and can't seem to get it to leave no matter what I do.

    1. Fear is something that we all need help with from time to time and is a common strategy of our enemy. Remember that our gifts do operate in the context of personality and other gifts and talents. All of us have suffered and this brings depth to our gifts as we learn and heal. Don't hold yourself to a legalistic standard. It is okay to fail because we are not perfect and power is perfected in weakness as we rely on Jesus Christ and His mercy. All our gifts strengthen with knowledge of scripture so be in the word. If problems continue consider deliverance. Ask people at your church to lay hands on you and pray for you. Thank you for your comments and sorry it took me so long to post and reply. Many blessings and glad you're reading the blog and staying around long enough to read old blogs. Your sister in Christ... Alex
      Now a prayer for you... "Dear Jesus. Whoever this person is I ask that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh You will burn all demon spirits with the fire of the Holy Spirit that are causing fear or any other lie. Father please send your mighty heavenly host to escort them to the throne of grace for your immediate judgment, never to be heard from again. Give this person your peace, flood this person with your mercy and make a way for his/her gifts to operate in love. Amen!"

    2. I know this post is several years old, however I feel called to write a response. I understand your fears having been saved by God through Jesus Christ from terrifying demonic attacks which lead me to fully accept Christ as my Lord and savior who came in the flesh and is the only begotten son of God. At first I tried protecting myself and resisting demons through my own power, God showed me only He could save me through complete total trust and surrender in Him. Whomever you fear IS your master, that is why it is one of Satans favorite tricks and the Bible says "do not fear anything except the Lord almighty. He alone is the Holy One." Isaiah 8. When faced with such terrorism it is almost impossible not to succumb to fear in those moments, as I did. In my darkest hour on my knees God called me to pray out loud about His love for me and to speak my gratitude and praise to Jesus. God delivered me, but not until I learned all the beautiful lessons He wanted me to learn about Faith, Hope and Love.

  6. Hi, my name is Rachel. For a long time I have searched for what my gifts mean and why. I found out last year that I am a very sensitive empath, and just recently I found a name for the other gift I have, Discernment of spirits. I never see these spirits, but I know when they are around, I can tell you the age group, time period they are from, gender, feelings, and whether it is bad or good. I cannot hear them but I can sense the thoughts and emotions from them. I finally feel relief to know that my gifts have a name. I may forget to come back to your site so I am leaving my email - drewbear01@gmail.com


    1. I just sent you an email and may have over looked this comment. If so, sorry about that. Feel free to reply per my email address if you did not find what you needed. A broad answer is to read scripture. God has much to say about this topic / both the Old and New Testament.

  7. Hi,

    Would you be able to help me figure out if I may have the discernment of spirits?
    When I was in my young teen-age years I used to use tarot cards and tried to get into witchcraft. I stopped using them when I lent them to my cousin years ago. I came to Christ when I was 23. Sometime in the first year I was spiritually attacked and sensed demons. I was afraid because I didn't what was going on since I was a new believer. I then cried out to God and He gave me this peace that washed over my body from head to toe. Sometime after my first year as a believer I got some dreams from God about the End-Times. Mostly about how chaotic the world will be as time gets closer for the anti-christ to reveal himself. I do sense spiritually even now how the world is getting worse in the spiritual realm. God still gives me End-Time dreams even now. It's not often, though. When I'm really aware of spiritual warfare it's in my dreams when I'm attacked. A demon told me once that God told him that he can't touch me. God has helped me to be able to cast out demons as I'm asleep. Once I woke up and heard a demon breathing next to me, most other times I'll wake up and sense them pressing themselves on me. I evangelize in the cities and there are times when I sense demons around. I'm not always aware of them. Sometimes I can sense when someone is lying to me, not often though. I was on an outreach at a "hippy" festival and I was observing a guy as he was talking to a teammate of mine and i don't know if this was from the Holy Spirit or if i was trying to figure it out myself, but it was almost like there was something off about this guy and i gathered that he may have had a spirit of deceit in him.

    I don't know if it's a gift God brings about randomly or if it is a gift that needs to be exercised more. I'm not sure. Im very sympathetic and depends on who i talk to and if i've been througha similar experience, sympathetic. I've taken multiple spiritual gift tests online and each time faith is always first. I have a huge heart to share the Gospel, but evangelism is never first or second. Exhortation is one of the top gifts and prayer is reeaaallly important to me. It seems to me that we all know prayer is important, but some of us may have a 'heart' for prayer. I don't know what that means.Prayer is more than something we should do, but need to do. when I evangelize I like to wait on God to show me who we need to talk to and who may be ready.


    Also, I'm not sure how often you check your blog, but here ismy email address if you don't mind replying there if you ever read this. I pray that you get to this. Kayla.m.kunkel@gmail.com


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what you have experienced in such an articulate manner. It certainly seems that you have the spiritual gift of discerning spirits. God's personal application and intention for how you might use this gift seems to be the question. I'll reply to you per your email address. Many blessings....

  8. Hello,

    My name is Liza, and i am 21 years old, a Christ believer for a little over 8 years now. i also have a couple of gifts myself, a lot of them i know how to discern them and some i don't.

    For example: sometimes before something bad happens, usually God warns me with a gut feeling. Like a spiritual feeling in my stomach as if i am nauseous. I pray afterwards but i don't know what to pray about,(any ideas to how to figure out or if this ever happened to you) i get quite confused and then a few days later i figure out what it is. Usually the problems are not related to me but with someone else close to me or a friend. I've noticed God has put me in peoples life to pray for them and help them. I believe in the POWER of prayer and believe it does what sometimes we cant do. over comes some boundaries.

    example, I just got a new job as a receptionist just me and this good friend of my brother in law, ( a girl) she is so nice and a real christian. but when i talked to her i felt something different. like she needed to be delivered from something, i couldnt get my finger on it. SO and i remember asking her if the guys that work there are respectful. for some reason i asked her that, 2 days later she told me she kind of had an affair with him. i still feel in my GUT that she is hiding something. God always put people in my life like that. Im not quite sure why. i have another experience with a friend like that as well. but its a long story. and personal not to share here maybe in email.

    i also have supernatural experience, when i was just 11 years old i started seeing demons, (figure like as if they were a man dressed in Black) before i went to bed i would close my eyes and when i opened my eyes it was as if i was in another dimension, if that makes since to you, and it was dark and cold, the atmosphere, kind of like a dream but i knew it wasn't.

    i also can tell sometimes when someone is lying or hiding something. how can i exercise that? fully understand my gift?

    but what i really wanted to talk about are my dreams, sometimes i get revelations, i have a best friend in the Army (Danny) and i had a dream with him that he sent me a letter and it was type written like in those old type writers. and when i opened the letter i started crying and saying why did he write it to me like that, and would cry a lot. i woke up and i had the same GUT feeling. something bad, i hated it. so i decided to write to him again except this time tell him my dream. (i write to him all the time) and he told me that if i ever do receive a letter like that, it will mean that a soldier is DEAD. when i read his letter and he said that i had this horrible feeling in my stomach again...i'm guessing God wants me to pray for him and fast so nothing bad would happen? any opinions on this? it would help

    Thanks and God bless :)

  9. Hello Alexandria. I am pretty sure i have the gift of discernment of spirits. There would be days that i was at home alone and i started feeling something strange like i could sense something bad was near me. I didn't know what to do at the moment but i prayed that it would go away. There would be moments where i would be with a group of people and they would start talking about the bible and all that stuff, but i started feeling like something was not right. i thought i was just imagining things. Not recently i was looking for my phone and so i went upstairs and outside in both my parents cars and i couldn't find it so i went inside in the top part of the house and i saw two of my cousins in the living room watching tv. so i went to the other living room they had and i turned on the light and saw that their parents were asleep on the floor and i turned it off. So then my one of my cousins starts cursing at me telling me to get the heck out of his house and go back to my room downstairs. So i start talking back to him and telling him to calm down but he didn't. Then for some reason i felt in my spirit that he wasn't acting normal. it's the first time he yelled at me calling me an idiot and saying bad words to me. So i looked straight into his eyes and i saw and sensed a evil spirit in him that was controlling him and making him say all that bad that he normally wouldn't say or do to me. I would like for you to please tell me if i have the gift of discerning of spirits and tell me if this is one example of things that happen for someone with the gift. My email is swampert92@hotmail.com. please email me as soon as you can. Thank you and God bless you

  10. Hi, my initials are w.s. I gave my life to God at 26yrs old, now I am 43. It been some years now that spiritual encounters have been in my life, but only about seven months now the voice of God talked to me and said that you have the gift of discernment. I never see visions but has experience the presence of both, the spirit of God and the presence of Satan. There has been many times that warnings about an individual or a situation has come to me. Through this gift God talks with me now more than ever.He tells me that he is going to use me & that he has a plan and a purpose for me in the ministry. Never heard or seen deamons but can feel and sense them very strong especially when they are trying to attack me. I won't allow myself to become fearful because Jesus said that he will never leave me or forsake me, strongly believe that. I believe in my heart that my pastor no's all the gifts that are in me, there is more than one, but the only thing that he keep stressing to me is to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. I haven't told anyone really about this gift but my husband. The desire to study the bible more and to learn more of this gift is burning within me. What should I do at this point in my life concerning this gift & my walk with Christ?

  11. Hi, I gave my life to Christ at 26 yes old, I am 43yrs old now. Had many of spiritual encounters but it was just around eight months ago when the spirit of God spoke to me and said that you have the gift of discernment. I never seen deamons but dream a lot. Can sense the presence of God greatly & also the presence of Satan. When Satan is trying to attack me, through an individual or out, I feel that warfare against the spirit of God. That's when I start saying in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you Satan. There has been warnings given to me about an individual or a situation. I learned that intersession need to be made. The spirit of God speaks to me more and more now, mostly late at night when everyone is asleep. To feel the omni presence of God & to hear his voice speak to you is the most wonderful burning sensation that you could ever feel in your heart and in your soul. Now there is a greater desire within me to study the bible and to learn more of God's purpose for me in the ministry. I have ask him to open my spiritual eye so I can see what he wants me to see. The only person I have talked to about this gift is my husband. I believe in my heart that my pastor no it's there but he keep telling me to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh almost every time he pray for me. Where do I go from here.

  12. Hi, my initials are EQ, I gave my life to Christ 3,5 years ago, I am the first in the family that come to know Christ, my husband and my children are all born again Christian however, some of my sibling and my parents are still not safe. Since I am the one in the family that are spiritually mature than the rest, I do feel God want to use me for his purpose.
    Soon after I was given a spirit of tongue, I began to sense an unseen presence around the places I visits. Sometimes I sense when I am under the attack of evil spirits. I have been so worried about this and afraid. Please tell me if this is a discerning spirit?
    Please email me: angelinabaclos@yahoo.co.uk

  13. Hello my name is marinda and i am really confused. I am an 18 year old girl and all my life i sadly have had spiritual issues. I have had some pretty hard times since i was little. Well it all started when i was 5 i was up at night because since i was a baby i have hated to sleep alone or be alone but my parents said i had to try to sleep in my room. Well when i looked in my playroom which was across from me i saw what was a large out line of a giant person who was all sparkling and i was not scared so i stared. Then i realized i need to run so i did. Ever since then i have been attacked by them. When ever i was attacked i had the same dream and i felt sparks or something on my back. Now i don't remember anything i just scream. I have only seen a few but its because i am bound by a generational curse. They appear to scare me or hurt or scare others around me. Its been getting worst and i have been looking for help for so long. I have been told i have a gift though i do not know i see things constantly and i do hear things sometimes but i never have had a good gut feeling before. I also i have never helped people its like all the people that have ever been in my life were bad for me. Though i still love them. I just i wish i knew why i do things i do or see things i just i am confused.

    My email if i am able to contact you is marindarhodes16@gmail

    1. Hello Marinda: thank you for taking the time to write me. I would normally respond to your email with one of my own, but I don't have it. So... feel free to email directly any time. I'm so sorry you've had a hard life. Whatever experiences you have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can heal you. It's taken me a lot of years, but I can now even thank Jesus since I see that in maturity He uses what I've been through for His purposes. In that way Satan is defeated. Read God's word and those passages that encourage your heart. You are so important to God, you are in no way a mistake. As you experience confusion ask God to replace that with a joy and purpose in Him. Write me any time. God bless you. Alex Clair One of my favorite Psalms is 139. Lately Psalm 23. God's word is powerful.

  14. Please help, from about the age of five, I could be next to someone and could feel happy, sad, or anger. Even if they acted happy I would feel great sadness for them. The biggest feeling around people when I was a child,was great compassion.As I got older I would just know things,however stress lessons the ability of it. When I was, ten while riding bikes with a friend, I told her my Dad, died from heart attack. I had no idea why I would just have that come out of my mouth,but months later while walking home from school a feeling of great sadness over came me. I did not know why I was sad, but a few days later my Dad died of a heart attack. Their,was no one I could talk to I was a loner, my parents were divorced and my mothers current husband, was extremely abusive. To make a long story short I get feelings of dread,or something is going to happen. Also, I'm know 45 and dealing with such sadness. My son's father,who I had not been with in years died. I was driving into my house drive way. I had him come into my mind. I had a horrible!!! Feeling,but could not explain. In my head I said to myself " his family knows where I live. I had my cell phone in hand. I was going to call him to tell him. But I blew it of. I thought he would think I was crazy. About two weeks later he,was killed in a motorcycle accident. I'm depressed. I had my phone in hand. I should have told him about my feeling of something awful happening to him. In all my years,the only person that knows about my feelings about people and events,is my sister. Please, I was told by a pastor,while in my teens that its evil what I have,so I never explained anymore to people. What is it? And how do u get rid of it??

    1. I am so sorry. It seems you are suffering depression and have experienced some deep losses. Just know that you are so very loved by Jesus Christ. In Him you are deeply loved and chosen from the foundation of the world and you stand before Him without shame and condemnation because of the blood of Christ Jesus. Read of his wonderful promises. Tell yourself the truth about your gifts of perception. The challenge is always to turn them outward to help others through prayer and compassion. WE are not meant to be burdened by our gifts. Thank you for writing. Feel fee to email me for a more complete response. Study and journal what God reveals to you through... John chapters - 13, 14, 15, 16.

  15. Hi-after I first got saved I was in the mall and went into this particular store and could sense evil. Sometimes I'll be around people and feel like something isn't right but not know exactly what it is. I also feel as though I can know someone's motives at times which causes me anger and bitterness. But how am I supposed to know if what I am perceiving is right? It has kind of made me suspicious of people and their motives. I have been diagnosed with mental health issues so I could just be suspicious and presumptuous. I have been asking the Lord to show me if I have Discerning of Spirits or not. People always talk about seeing Angels and demons with this gifting like its frequent. And when I look in the Bible I do see people seeing angels but not demons so I am unsure of their testimonies. Test all experiences with the Word and ask them if Jesus came in the flesh! Is there an easy way to know if I have this gifting? Anyways praying that God will speak to me clearly through your response. Thank you very much!

  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are praying and asking Jesus for discernment and for healing. God Bless.

  17. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are praying and asking Jesus for discernment and for healing. God Bless.

  18. Hello,
    I want to know how I may obtain this book. I really can not afford it. I have this gift and sometimes its use scares me as I feel peoples feelings, but it aids me in my own walk with the Lord and God shows me peoples intentions and other demonic influences in the lives of people.

    1. Send me your address and I'll get one in the mail to you. I'll be out of pocket for about two weeks, but will get it in the mail when I return. My email: alexandraclair@outlook.com I'm grateful for your interest. May Jesus Christ "shine His face upon you," and grow your spiritual gifts. Read His word. There is no replacement for scripture. God Bless!!


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