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THE POWER OF ONE: ONE REPENTANT SINNER Second Kings 22: 3-20; Second Chronicles 34: 8-28

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It's hard to imagine that a people would be so far removed from God that they would forget His word. Today we see a lack of reverence for scripture; and for many who claim Christianity as a system of belief and a personal identity, we see that too many are woefully ignorant of what the Bible has to say.  
We have a parallel for this in the Old Testament. Judah has already been invaded and Jeremiah the Prophet is predicting the invasion and destruction of Jerusalem. "Run for your lives, you people of Benjamin! Flee from Jerusalem! Sound the alarm in Tekoa! Send up a signal at Beth-hakkerem! Warn everyone that a powerful army is coming from the north to destroy this nation" (Jeremiah 6: 1).
At any moment the option exists to turn and repent; to seek intimacy with God, first individually and then corporately. Effective prayer must first begin with a time of personal repenta…


New Book (May 2013) Discerning Spirits: Visionary Gifts in Practice / Nook, Kindle / E-book 2.99 softcover / 12.00 Amazon

This is a very short article.  The book, Discerning Spirits goes into far more detail and is meant as an equipping tool.  Soft Cover at Amazon - 12.00 (order book) Also of possible interest:
Discernment is identified in the New American Standard Translation of the Bible as, “Discerning Spirits.” In simplistic terms this means that one has an awareness of the unseen world and its influence and workings, both godly and evil, as people or circumstances are impacted, led, opposed, or guided.
This spiritual gift sometimes goes unrecognized and is sadly never fully embraced. Often a very limited and secular definition is offered which hinders the person who has this gift from understandin…