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I was at Eagles Nest last night, enjoying the preaching of my pastor, Arnold Roberts. There is something about church on Saturday evening that appeals to me. When I can't get into Memphis I'll sometimes visit the Catholic church up the street.  Saturday not being one of them, there are lots of differences between the two.  The one very closely follows the prescribed schedule while Arnold... well if he feels like going longer, lets just say he isn't constrained by time.  In both I feel the Holy Spirit's presence and in both I'm so privileged to be in the midst of worship.   
Yesterday I had three stops to make before and after church, dropping off books and enjoying a longer stay than intended with my friend, Joan. I had one more book to deliver and called to see if it was too late to come by.
The drive into the country at night is peaceful. I know the road well. Though I can't see clearly I hold the image of how the trees form a canopy over the road, the clearing…


I had a very nice book signing in the Covington area on Monday night. I have another book signing on Saturday in Memphis and an upcoming coffee and book signing in the Pickwicke area. I hope to be visiting Mountain Home, Arkansas soon if logistics can be worked out. So, I'm a little nervous waiting for a late shipment of books to arrive.
It's been a wonderful blessing to have so much positive feed back about the book. For this reason I felt a little ambushed when a friend told me she couldn't recommend WOODS END because it was too violent. On the other hand she told me it was well written and she took the time to "finish it." Violence?  There is a murder and crime to solve.  The physical details are described via the crime scene as Jared and his partner interact with the self absorbed, egotistical Dr. Dudley Wodsende.
"Why not?  I would think that would help?" said the person who would normally be their prime suspect if Andrea had not already confessed. T…


Above is the cover for the sequel.  Click on the image to read the back cover text.  Read my recent post on the progress.

This post was updated 9/28/2013 There were a number of questions that people asked as they got to the end of the first book.  Among them, what happened to Charlie after Andrea was taken back into custody?  Does Jared help Andrea escape from the court house after Judge Henry Capra orders that she live with her mother and can no longer see Dr. Martin; an expert in recovered memory?  Even if you've read the first book you might want to reorder the new edition / new cover and be prepared for the sequel which delves more into the Wodsende cult and the Marstead family as Jared revisits the disappearance and supposed murder of a child.  Via this investigation he begins to suspect his own family ties to Wood's End.  Do not order the book with the angel on the cover.  That is the first e…