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The term and sometimes title, "son of perdition" is assigned to the Antichrist of Bible prophecy. Here is a definition. 
Perdition: the loss of the soul; eternal damnation; a lost soul cast into outer darkness; a soul assigned to the bottomless pit; utter loss and ruin.
This descriptive title is used by Jesus and quoted by the apostle John. While I was with them, I was keeping them in Your name which You have given Me; and I guarded them and not one of them perished but the son of perdition, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled (John 17: 12).
Paul also applies this singular title. He is warning believers that in the last days false prophets and teachers will say that the rescue of the church body from world-wide judgment (The Rapture of the Church) has already taken place and they have been left behind or excluded. Many will believe this lie.
Too many congregations have failed to teach on end times. They have excluded the supernatural mystery of Gods grace and power from…


The new book came this week. Actually holding the finished product in my hand is a thrilling experience for a writer. Life has been just a little too busy of late. Brett is recovering from his auto accident and doing a little better each day. He has another four or five weeks with his jaw wired shut.
I read the following verse which struck a chord with me. I thought also how appropriate for our lawmakers in Washington on the eve of a constitutional challenge and another attempted take over of our free enterprise system. For those of us that believe in Bible Prophecy and that we are living in the last days, we must realize that Socialism in the United States further sets the global stage for one world government.  Socialism is a generous concept.  But... has been tried in many countries and each time it has failed. 
I just hope in the next election we have a choice and the good sense to elect a person who understands finance in a world construct.  Someone that will get us back on track …


When I started writing this blog I committed to posting something new each week. My husband had a serious auto accident. He had already been gone for ten days before they called me.  He is home now and will have a slow recovery from head trauma and a broken jaw. Hopefully I can write something more typical of the "Unseen World," next week and renew my efforts in posting on a regular basis. Right now I covet your prayers.  When I saw him in the trauma unit for the first time my heart skipped a beat.  He was nearly unrecognizable and clearly confused and had been there a couple of days before they could identify who he was and how to reach his family.  I'm dealing with a lot right now and have some serious decisions to make.  Living with an addict is not living and though I've loved him so very much I really have no control over his actions and what he's become.  I went to see the car and should really post some photo's since it is a miracle that anyone cou…