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This blog was updated 8/14/12 with information about the new edition of Wood's End.  Also added was the link to the Shane Lynch interview / free from demonic harassment.
I came across the question. What is your goal for 2011? My goal is to see Wood's End become an independent Christian Film.  First step... The screen play.  
That said... as a Christian, my primary goal is to please Jesus Christ. I wanted the story of Wood's End to do just this and prayed for insight and inspiration throughout the writing process.  Jesus Christ is so very powerful.  We forget this because we live in a material world and at the fall our relationship with our environment and our creator was forever altered.  The supernatural and miracle potential seems distant and we are waylaid by distractions.  "The seed which fell among the thorns, these are the ones who have heard, and as they go on their way they are choked with worries a…

TONIGHT The link to listen live is

I had Michael Vara's name spelled wrong. Marj told me she couldn't access the show and just called to point out my mistake. So sorry. Hope tonights email, of just a few minutes ago reached some of you with the correction.

Call in number: 347-989-1012 / 10:00PM Eastern Time
9:00 Pm - 10:45 PM tonight...

The link to listen live is

Two Upcoming Radio Interviews

This Friday, October 22nd, I'll be talking about Wood's End on blog talk radio with Michael Vara. I'll be sharing how Wood's End was informed by my calling of Deliverance and Intercession. I'll be discussing the two commitments that may open the door to demonic control and the three that define possession. I'm a born-again Christian and so my view is founded on Scripture as well as the ministry and calling conferred by the Holy Spirit; spiritual gifts given to every believer. If you've read Wood's End and want to share your thoughts about the supernatural and preternatural elements of the book please tune in. Check out Michael Vera's show at:

The call in number for the show is 347-989-1012

I'm also scheduled to be on a poetry show on Saturday, but have yet to confirm. Those of you that read my work know that I put a poem in every book. I don't consider myself a great…

WHEN PRAYER IS DELAYED - not what we think we need, but as Holy Spirit Change-Agents how God builds faith through prayer.

How will we respond as the Caustic Agent for change in keeping with God's will.  Some times that means we do nothing.  We let go and let God.    
We are tempted to fight through our actions and desire to control.  But God wants us to contend in prayer... unleashing His power.  Contending in prayer is not that we are giving up, but that Jesus Christ can open new doors while bringing others into the fray better equipped to function in a way beyond our human ability and skill-set.  I've been praying so long for change in the life of my addicted husband that I'm lately weary and discouraged.
So it was nice and yes, even providential, that I talked with an old friend this morning, Pastor Larry Brown. Larry and his wife Toni ministered with me some years back at a homeless mission in Memphis. When Larry asked about my loved one I told him the sad unvarnished truth. The prayer he shared breathed fresh life into my own prayer life. Balancing my wishes for my loved one with the absol…


This reporter had been told he would lose credibility among his peers and his career could be in jeopardy if he persisted in investigating and then writing on this topic. My response is below. I've changed a few details to protect his identity; including the removal of the date.
Would NOT be credible if you reported on this subject? That’s a common intimidation tactic / expect more of that and pray against it. There has been a long history, since the sixties, of American press exploring this topic and getting no-where. Three dynamics may be at play in the rejection of this topic which is pretty entrenched as a defense. You might contact other reporters that have previously written on this topic and get their experiences and thoughts. I’m sure you’d see certain patterns. The fact is, wherever evil is under siege, light / truth is always rejected / painted as the hyper vigilant pa…

AT THE PRECIPICE OF WORLD WIDE JUDGMENT: The Great Imperative of our Times

If we believe, as scripture makes clear, that salvation is a free gift (Ephesians 2: 8, 9) then we must also grapple with the dichotomy that faithfulness is not tied to outcome. Every generation is a hostage to the times in which they live. The great imperative of my parents day was World War 11. Sons and husbands, brothers and sisters were lost as Hitler attempted world dominance. Of my grandparents it was the Great Depression which colored all subsequent experience. A family story told time and again was of the turkey that was won by my grandmother by raffle and how the family came together that Thanksgiving with plenty to eat for all.
The imperative of our time is that we are the last church described in Revelation. because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth (Rev. 3: 16).
The overwhelming challenge which impacts the current generation is the assault of stimulus which stands as a barrier between us and authentic intimacy with Jesus Christ…


Throughout scripture God shows a pattern of rescuing His people from judgement. Most of us think of Sodom and Gomorrah and the rescue of Lot and his family. Abraham asked the messenger (the pre-incarnate Christ): Will You indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked?" (Genesis 18: 23). God's answer then and today was, no.

During the flood God saved Noah and his family; a total of eight people from which to build back the human gene pool. This following verse in 1st Peter has reference to the Nephilim of Genesis Chapter six; the flood "during the days of Noah." Peter reveals that after the victory of the cross Jesus descended the depths to proclaim His victory and subsequent divine judgments and condemnation over those fallen angels that had been imprisoned since the days of Noah. And not only these very powerful demons, but also Christ's supremacy over all angels, demonic authorities, and powers. Power that we, as His delegated inheritors through faith, have …

Tribulation Report with Keith Henderson

On Sunday, August 1st at 6:30PM EST (that's 5:30PM our time) I'll be interviewed about Woods End on TRIBULATION REPORT with KEITH HENDERSON. Hope some of you will tune in.


I was working on the sequel to Wood's End when God told me to stop and write DISCERNING SPIRITS: VISIONARY GIFTS IN PRACTICE.  This book may be helpful and is available as both soft cover and e-book for download.

10/3/12  This short intro added... All those that have an addict in their life need to decide what they will and won't do.  I had to personally come to this after making many mistakes.  My husband, an alcoholic, relapsed after thirteen years of sobriety and then partnered with another woman who was also an addict, introducing other substances into the equation.  I loved this man; loved my sober husband.  Even now, I miss him.  And yet, as he destroyed everything we had, it was necessary to disengage from him and from his addiction in order to save myself.  But more important, if my life would count for Christ I could not be associated with that lifestyle which for the sober person requires a high  degree of denial programming. I chose obedience to God.  In this I had to…