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In many families, political and societal structures, including the work place, the following roles are often played out. There is a PERPETRATOR. A toxic personality, or even a segment within an organization, that act out evil and bad behavior to the detriment of the greater welfare.
Then there is the PASSIVE FACILITATOR. I termed this phrase to describe that person / group whose reasoning is fear based. These people are in bondage. For whatever reason they have opted to partner in evil through silence as a trade off for an imaginary goal of staying safe or perhaps achieving status, acceptance, or approval. They reject insight / conviction. They choose not to act on what they know within themselves to be true. For whatever reason they do not speak up or challenge what is blatantly toxic.
Then there is the hero / heroine. I call this person the CAUSTIC AGENT FOR CHANGE.

These are the three roles which always exist in spiritual warfare. Satan can not succeed in wrecking havoc unless thes…


Consider reading my new book DISCERNING SPIRITS: Visionary Gifts in Practice.
It is sad that we have so little Biblical teaching today about the unseen world.  In the ancient world no one ever doubted that demons existed and that these entities hated mankind.  A common belief of many pastors in this country is that demons and demonic harassment happens in other countries, but not here in the United States.  The fact is we've always had these battles, because satan and those that worship satan, via many false religious systems are prevalent everywhere.  The United States lost significant protection when partial birth abortion was made legal and the vast majority of our religious leaders failed to speak out; being a proactive, activist, caustic agent for what is godly across all denominational di…

SPY WARE GONE AM0K: Half-Insect Cybug Spies

For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish His purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God's words are fulfilled...
(Revelation 17: 17).

For reasons we don’t fully understand God is going to allow the coming Antichrist of one-world government fame an unparalleled preternatural power to rule. This time is called The Little  Age.  This short, specifically allotted time span (seven years) is that Biblically predicted period of human history when God will allow people a license to pursue their own fate to horrible outcomes.  In imitation of the trinity... because in satanism there is always the inverted perversion of what is godly.  There is the Dragon (False Prophet); The Antichrist (World Leader); and satan -  fallen-angel itself.  This is in imitation of the trinity, but with stark differences.  The demon spirits that indwell these two humans during this time makes them inhuman; what I call in my book DISCERNING SPIRITS, "fatally possessed"…