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BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., and the REO INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS / The Chain of Theft - how it works - the Largest Transfer of Stolen Residential Property from Blind-Sided Americans this Country Has Ever Experienced...

If you know what happened you can fight back.
Statute of Limitations on Civil RICO - Four Years

The RICO Clock starts when you recognize you were a victim of a networked criminal enterprise with a national footprint of operation.  Read the numbered points below.  I'm sharing this so that other victims may research their own circumstances and determine if they were subjected to the same and, or, similar chain of theft.    

As readers know I filed a Civil RICO Case in Federal District Court (Memphis TN) on 4/20/2016.  Amended Complaint filed November 15, 2016.  Motion for Disqualification (conflict of interest) October 25, 2016.  Objection to the Report and Recommendations filed August 2, 2016.  Now on appeal to the 6th Circuit.  

Before that I was represented by Webb Brewer in a civil case that never went to trial. "Motion for Sanctions Pursuant to Rule 11 of the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure" were filed against Brewer by the attorney for the REO Private Investors Vernon Wayne Boyd and Sherry White Boyd.  Sanction Eleven was filed by, John B. Philip (#8837).  Docket NO.: 16122; June 3, 2014.  It is my belief that Brewer was moving my case toward dismissal in service to the Defendants.   

What follows is a report that comments (in part) on some of the Pattern Examples of suspect properties subjected to the same chain of theft as my home.  All of my researched Pattern Examples were located in Oakland, TN.  Behind each property address is a family, a face, and a story. There is not a county in TN that has not been subjected to adaptations of this basic same theft scheme with fraud perfecting legal documents filed at Registry of Deeds Offices across the state. As has been noted by those Registry of Deeds Offices brave and courageous enough to perform independent audits (read the Seattle Washington Audit conducted by McDonnell Property Analytics).   "My registry is a crime scene as evidenced by this forensic examination."  John O'Brien

My RICO Case is informed by the prior bad acts of the Defendants.

Soap Opera reading:  Collins Maury, Inc., d.b.a. Prudential Collins-Maury, Inc. Realtors, Plaintiff v. MEM 2, LLC d.b.a. Keller Williams Realty Memphis East.  Chancery Court of Shelby County, TN / Docket # CH 11 - 1860.  Part 3. 

The defendants involved in this case kept their jobs conveying approval of Keller Williams franchise owner David Osborn and Keller Williams International, of criminal behavior... profit trumps ethics and tramples the rule of law. 

Most victims have no idea of how they lost their homes. I'm happy to network with any who wonder if they were targeted by this same chain of theft.  (901) 504-9704      

For context related to the HUD reference in this report scroll down and read my blog of 12/17/2016. 

For understanding of how the illegally engineered default based on a fraud narrative inserted into and corrupting official Bank records results in the illegal seizure of private homes. Read...
NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE COMPANY and LINDA HOWARD:  Illegal Seizure and Theft of American Homes - Blog posted on 9/28/2016.  


Perpetrators and Victims: What Happened and How!

1.  Bank of NY Mellon networks “crony” relationships with Predatory Institutional Investment groups that speculate in purchasing soured or non performing Mortgages.  One of these companies is Pretium Partners, LLC. 
        a. Pretium Partners have bought more than 8,000 single family homes (TN) (Now far higher; a 2013 number.) They are facilitated by non-judicial foreclosure states like TN.  I suspect that nationwide research will show that this number is staggeringly higher with disturbing national theft implications.         
       b. Pretium Partners, LLC mailing address and principal office is the same of that listed for FREO Tennessee, LLC. / Floor 28; 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
       c. The building that houses this address is owned by Bank of New York Mellon.
        d. Bank of America, N.A. (BANA) is the servicer for Bank of New York Mellon.  The properties moved into FREO Tennessee, LLC in August 2013 through present / 2014, are nearly all Bank of America / Bank of NY Mellon properties with few exceptions.  As of Sept 2014 there are 13 pages of such properties transferred into the FREO Tennessee, LLC vehicle in Shelby County with additional reference to properties found in Jackson, TN.  
            e. FREO Tennessee, LLC is a single member LLC with registered office in Tampa, Florida.  They are located in a Bank of Florida Building.  

2.  As the servicer of the loans, Bank of America facilitates the fraud process transferring the deeds directly to the Institutional Investor at the direction of Bank of NY Mellon.  The Deed is then moved to a substitute trustee and, or, one of several foreclosure arms of Bank of America like Recontrust Company (as in the case of Ms. Clair.) 

3.  The foreclosure arm of the bank works to complete the fraud pattern under the pretense that they are working to assist the modification.  They are now interacting with the homeowner at the direction of the actual owner of the mortgage; the never disclosed Predatory REO Institutional Investor, and, or, Individual REO Investor who has already purchased the property. 

4.  Non performing mortgages regardless of eligibility for modification or a bank refinance are targeted by the Predatory Institutional Investors. 

5.  For individual REO investors, this is accomplished through REO-only accessed websites such as the one run by Core Logic, Inc., where the pool of potential targets are listed. The complaint that at risk properties are dual tracked is only the surface, just one minor piece of this intricate fraud scheme via a sophisticated pattern of practice.       

6.  The transfer of these mortgages by Bank of NY Mellon – who conveys the deed to Bank of America – who then conveys the deed directly to the Institutional Investor (sabotaging the modification as in the case of Ms. Clair) is primarily driven by the already established “crony” conflict of interest relationships i.e. the relationship with the Securitized Mortgage Pools that Bank of NY Mellon already represents.  Bank of NY Mellon, to exclusion of all else, is focused on the exclusive interests of these Investment Pools (as a tradable security) and the future viability and ongoing performance of these Securitized Mortgage Pools which they are heavily invested in owning, developing, feeding with new properties and then marketing to the investor community.     

7.  This is a blatant conflict of interest.  Ongoing broken trust with the agreements and bail out money taken to facilitate families staying in their homes.  The individual homeowners on our list may be the obvious, but by no means the only victims. 

8.  Properties are dual tracked maintaining the false impression that the property is available to the local average person who may want to buy and flip the property. 

9.  Dual tracking may, in some cases be a smokescreen, but distracts the homeowner (and maybe their attorney) from learning the truth.  Regardless of any effort by the homeowner to initiate a HAMP modification this is a lost cause / wasted effort.   Once the house is targeted – often by the networked local REO partners, the Warranty Deed as the primary instrument of Foreclosure by Assumption makes the homeowners’ loss of the home a point of fact and a foregone conclusion.    

10.  The deed of the “non-performing mortgage” is conveyed to the Predatory Institutional Investor or Investment Group for a much reduced price via a fraudulent appraisal – usually by the partner local REO Broker.  

11.  It is never disclosed to the homeowner that the house has been “sold.”  This presale of the house is preferable to the potential losses and risk associated with adhering to the Federal Guidelines for HAMP.  This is a secret first transaction reflected in our list of properties where the property is conveyed by Warranty Deed for ten dollars ($10.00); indicating a prior concealed previous sale.  (Paperwork – Instruments concealed / assisted per MERS)

INSERT: MERSCorp Holdings, Inc.; e-registry system (MERS).  

 12.  If the much reduced price of the property were disclosed, the homeowner might agree to repurchase the house for this reduced price.  One facet of this fraud is “price fixing” and corrupt Crony Capitalism at the expense of the homeowner. 

13.  It appears that the Institutional Investors’ may finance these properties via this fraud scheme and sit on them as rentals as early as 2005 in advance of the housing markets collapse starting in 2006 and rising interest rates anticipated and expected to materialize as early as 2015.  These rising interest rates may be the reason the properties are now gathered under the umbrella of such companies like Pretium Partners, LLC who will bundle and package these mortgages for sale to the investor community as a commodity / tangible investment.  In a sense the fraud is then completed.  The sale of these pooled securities goes back to Bank of NY Mellon for marketing and sale.  (Motive) 

14.  After the deed is conveyed to the Predatory Institutional Investor BOA continues to posture working with the homeowner on the HAMP modification and, or, the in-house refinance.  This conceals the actual conspiracy associated with off-loading at risk mortgages rather than approving HAMP modifications.  Bank of America is now fully invested in perfecting this scheme since they have already conveyed the mortgage and sold the property to the Predatory Institutional Investor and, or, the REO Investor unbeknownst to the homeowner.  

15.  During this time period Bank of America continues to accumulate fees as they string the homeowner along to the inevitable conclusion of turning down the application and, or, if possible harassing the homeowner to give up and abandon the application process and therefore the property by coercion or other bully-like tactic and, or inducement.    (Lost documents, forced placed insurance, etc.)

16.  The first sale of the property to the REO Institutional Investor, at a fraudulent – much reduced price – is concealed with the cooperation of MERS. The first instruments’ are never filed with the local Registry of Deeds Office.  The subsequent Warranty Deeds filed in the local Registry of Deeds Office alludes to this first transaction in oblique terms meant to confuse anyone who would investigate.  The homeowner may have received, but not understood, the IRS 1099-A - Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property.

17.  When Ms. Clair sought to investigate who established the outrageous low estimate of her home she was threatened.  In example #2 the valuation of the property where the straw buyer receives the property; the valuation Affidavit is signed by the person from whom the property was stolen and then crossed out.  Not only is the signature suspicious, but TN law requires that any appraisal associated with a Bank Transaction be done by a licensed and credentialed professional with no conflict of interest.  This standard is not reflected in any of the properties moved to FREO Tennessee, LLC.   

18.  Month to month the homeowner is threatened with the sale of their home on the Court House steps.  Each month desperate phone calls are made and the homeowner wonders why they, unlike others, are taken right down to the wire, five days regardless of holidays or weekends before BOA will facilitate an extension as the homeowner awaits an answer on the outcome of their application.  The desperate homeowner does not know the application will never be submitted for valid consideration since the property is already sold to the Predatory Institutional Investor who now views the homeowner as a renter in default. 

19.  The Institutional Predatory Investor who holds the Deed is styled by BOA and the trained BOA “Relationship Representative” as the “3rd Party Underwriter,” the “Private Investor," “The Underwriter.”  

INSERT: Home Retention Group is a Bank of America Vendor. They are a subsidiary of Stewart Lender Services, Inc.  They forward mail to the Institutional Investor; the entity that has hired them; the secret Note-Owner.  Look for wording on Bank letterhead - documents that read "Bill Third Party."  Any lawyer representing a victim where Home Retention Group was the designated recipient of their clients communication with Bank of America should be highly suspicious; subpoena the billing records. Subverting mail is a RICO violation.     

20.  If the postured MODIFICATION is still ostensibly in process, all communication with the homeowner by Bank of America, is filtered through the Institutional Predatory Investor who has purchased the property and is guiding the process of eviction with the help of one of many foreclosure arms of Bank of America.  There is a significant foreclosure sub-servicer industry that has grown up around this theft scheme. When we evaluate in more detail our individual cases we’ll see this more clearly. 

21.  With this in mind the process of eviction (falsely styled as dual tracking) is outsourced to a company like Equator.  The various instruments filed with MERS and not with the local Registry of Deeds Office  where the paper trail might be seen and questioned, is prepared by Core Logic and, or, by a local attorney at the direction of whatever foreclosure arm of Bank of America; acting as the servicer (Mafia like enforcer) of the theft scheme.

22.  Thus there is no; and cannot be any auction to the public since this would negate the price fixing / equity skimming fraud and goal of renting the property until interest rates rise gaining the optimum profits for the Predatory Institutional Investor / feeding more US properties into the securitized pools.       

23.  The shame and distress associated with this prospect of a public sale is a tool used to shame and intimidate the homeowner toward the fraudsters’ goal of manipulating the homeowner from the property without due process. Public Auction is the last thing the fraudsters’ want since in effect this secret foreclosure by Assumption per Warranty Deed took place prior to the conclusion of any negotiation or application for a modification between Bank of America and the homeowner.  For this reason, every letter sent from Bank of America threatening this auction on the courthouse steps is a deliberate ruse to conceal the chain of conspiracy and “secret presale” of the property and future viability of a transfer into the “securitized investment.” This is – Foreclosure by Assumption by Warranty Deed. This is not the traditional foreclosure where the homeowner is entitled to due process as well as a review of their application if this happens to be a HAMP application.   

Every one of our properties has, so far, reflected this pattern of practice.    
The rule, from the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, reads:
It shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, by the use of any means or instrumentality
of interstate commerce, or of the mails or of any facility of any national securities exchange,
(a) To employ any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud,
(b) To make any untrue statement of a material fact or to omit to state a material fact necessary in
order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were
made, not misleading, or
(c) To engage in any act, practice, or course of business which operates or would operate as a
fraud or deceit upon any person, in connection with the purchase or sale of any security.

24.  For the same reasons there will never be a Sheriff’s Sale.  The property will never be offered to the highest bidder on a level playing field.  This is price fixing.  Oversight by any impartial judicial process is avoided at all costs.  Although the homeowner has no idea that the house has already been sold and they are reduced to renter status / renters in default and treated heartlessly and contemptuously as such by the Institutional Investor who has stolen the property.   

25. The REO Investor now appoints a listing Office to posture a valid sale to the public.  This is called an REO Resale.   In the Case of Ms. Clair the REO Investor is Keller Williams, Broker is Wayne Boyd.  Boyd’s firm (Keller Williams) is the Listing Office and he is named as the Listing Agent.  See the MLS Listing for 65 Pinehurst Drive, Oakland, TN and the ways that Wayne Boyd deflected to two other Realtors in order to conceal the initial theft of the property and the corruption and sabotage of the HAMP Application. 

26.  Enter the Bank of America foreclosure team. Trained local Realtors who go through Bank of America, Equator, and Core Logic training whose goal is to get the homeowner out of the property without due process (offering cash for keys, bullying, lying, intimidating) since it must be concealed that the home was already sold months beforehand to the Predatory REO Institutional Investor.    

27. For this conspiracy to function at the residential property level three steps need to transpire. 
1.  The home is represented as distressed and, or, abandoned.  
INSERT: or some other fraud narrative is inserted into official Bank records.  Read my blog on Linda Howard and Nationstar Mortgage.  This fraud narrative is relied upon as phony authority to carry out the carefully engineered default: theft by deception/robbery goals of the white collar criminals aka the REO Private Investor Group.
2.  The home is undervalued with a false appraisal usually by the locally connected REO partner. In my case: Keller Williams - MEM 2, LLC.  What I label in my Civil RICO case as the Jones, Kelley, Boyd Perpetrator Nexus.   
3.  The homeowner is manipulated or forced out without due process. 

The home is represented as distressed or abandoned. 
True or not this claim of the house being abandoned provides a veneer of legality and justifies the IRS 1099A and all the benefits and tax write-offs associated with HUD incentives and, or, preparation of the house for rent.  In most cases only cosmetic changes are needed.  See photos of Ms. Clair’s home and note the HUD number on the last instrument – Deed of Trust – sale to Vernon Wayne Boyd who already owned the property and was styled as the “underwriter” during Ms. Clair’s HAMP ruse.  Note the commonalities associated with our list of properties transferred to FREO Tennessee, LLC and rental language in the last Deed of Trust filed by the Boyd’s.

The home is undervalued with a fraudulent appraisal by the locally connected REO partner. 
In the first transaction of 65 Pinehurst Drive the deed was “conveyed” for 149,548.60 and then purchased by the REO listing Agent for 171,674.42; this price represented as a valid and accurate appraisal.  The   2012 tax records estimated the home’s value at 265,500.00.  Note the fraudulent assertion of the value of the property as is the case with all the properties transferred to FREO Tennessee, LLC. 

INSERT: Subsequent evidence uncovered by me shows that the first sale of my home to the REO con-artists was for $100,000 per a JP Morgan Chase Bank loan on 5/16/2012.  With secret change of Servicer from Bank of America to a third party Mortgage Servicing Company on 5/19/2012.  The sale referenced above was the second ($149,548.60) and third ($171,674.42) of five flips.  This is the white collar criminals laundering the chain of title in the same way that illegally gotten drug money is laundered with each flip of the theft asset (my home) taking place among the same REO Private Investor Group; increasing valuation per fraud serving appraisals.  Scroll down and read OPEN LETTER TO DR. BEN CARSON - HUD used to facilitate fraud.  

The homeowner is manipulated or forced out without due process.  This will be explored for commonalities among our 52 possible cases.  In the case of Ms. Clair she was told a judge had ordered her eviction which was a lie.  She was also aggressively harassed and badgered by the Bank of America trained foreclosure agent (Hattie Brawley of ERA Chamberwood Realty Group) who later obtained the listing of the property and without offering it to the public, sold it in a possible fourth or third transaction to the REO Predatory Investor for $190,800.00.   

28.  The REO local investor is indemnified to act at the local level.  This explains why Vernon Wayne Boyd was represented by the specific insurance company who specializes in insuring against risk associated with this equity skimming scheme, making them a party to the conspiracy.  

(First American Title Insurance Company). My attorney Webb Brewer, during the time he represented me, failed to disclose their role, nor that certain letters were being copied to them.  Only after I fired him on 6/10/2014 did I begin to research the damage done by First American Title Insurance Company.  Failing to conduct even minimal due diligence. Insuring stolen property subjected to an easily recognized Property Flip Scheme they conveyed to every future lender engaged in laundering the chain of title that here was a property free from fraud and conflict of interest.  

29.  In order to conceal the sale, styled as the “conveyance of the Deed,” all communication with the homeowner is handled by one of several foreclosure arms of Bank of America.  The job of the so called “Relationship Representative” and, or the Point of Contact is not to facilitate, but to sabotage.  Every phone call is basically a lie.  They are not working with the Retention Department of Bank of America; but the outsourced Foreclosure Arm of Bank of America, and, or the Predatory Investment Group.  Read Ms. Clair’s record of phone calls with her Bank of America point of Contact, Sherry Rupp.  (Sherri Rupp, Joseph Daniel aka Joseph Fistula, Muriel Adams: VP of Bank of America, N.A. and also an alleged robo-signer.)  

30.  In 2011 Bank of America realized they needed to add another layer to the fraud scheme.  There might have been a few law suits settled out of court which motivated this.  To legitimize this much utilized chain of fraud and have an additional deflection-tool they launched the "Cooperative Short Sale" in order to bypass the HAFFA Regulations and allow this chain of conspiracy and theft to continue uninterrupted.  In this scheme they do what they've already been doing.  The Deed is transferred to the local REO Investor who has ninety days to sell the property.  In the case of Ms. Clair the local investor sold the house to himself and forced Ms. Clair from the home via lies, coercion, intimidation, and harassment.  Read Ms. Clair's notes on her experience with Christopher Kohl.  Read the details of his refusal to entertain a purchase offer on 65 Pinehurst Drive, fielded by Ms. Clair's realtor.  Read the witness statement...  

31.  Or, they sell the property back to the original Institutional Investment Group who already holds the Deed funneling this through a trust, and, or, a temporary LLC.  

In my case possibly one of two family trusts associated with the REO Investors aka the Jones, Kelley, Boyd Perpetrator Nexus.  The Lennie Faye Kelley Living Trust or the Charles L. Kelley Living Trust.  Keller Williams realtor, Vernon Wayne Boyd is Kelley's brother.  

32.  Bank of America's goal is to:
         a. Accumulate fees; where they make a good deal of their money.
     b. Misrepresent the number of modifications they are actually processing to the federal government.  
          c. Protect and deflect from the chain of conspiracy. 
         e. Funnel non performing mortgages to the Institutional Investment Group. (Absent a public records footprint)
         f. Sabotage applications, corrupt the application process, obstruct and lie to the homeowner desperately attempting to keep their homes.
        g. Rubber stamp the fraudulent low appraisals to benefit the Institutional Investment Group allowing the first purchase in the conveyance of the Deed for an extremely low price; a price never offered to the homeowner and, or, to the buying public. 

(Conflict of interest, arm in arm, Price fixing by a Criminal Enterprise with a national footprint of operation.)

Information about MERS.  Link below.  

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Below is a letter I mailed to Dr. Ben Carson c/o President Elect Trump; letter copied to Donald Trump.  Will they receive and actually read the letters I mailed yesterday?  I have no idea. Therefore I am posting this as an open letter in hopes that Dr. Carson, and perhaps even President Elect Trump, will read it.   

December 15, 2016

Dear Dr. Carson:

I am a senior citizen.  I was a victim of a property theft scheme, targeted by white collar criminals as unlikely to fight back.  My home was targeted for its significant equity.  What I encountered at HUD was apathy.  Tolerance for criminals networked with Bank of America to facilitate property theft.  Although I offered proof of theft and misuse of the HUD system as a vehicle to commit the chain of theft, HUD was not in the least interested in looking at this proof; to the detriment of the public welfare.
  I repeatedly called HUD, wrote letters and basically begged for help.  I needed information that to this day, except for the 8/20/2012 HUD-1 closing document, acquired under a FOIA Request, my pleas for information and partnership in exposing fraud went unanswered.  If there was a mechanism at HUD for referring my case for criminal investigation, I as a public citizen evidently had no right to access that option.
   Not using the exact right institutional language in framing my requests, a bar too high for public citizens, was the excuse to deny me information.  Many times I had to conduct research and come back again with my requests for help rephrased in a different manner.  My heart hurts for the numbers of victims that have had their requests derailed by a total lack of proactive assistance and an insidious tolerance for crime; using the HUD system to perfect property theft. 

BRIEF OVERVIEW: An REO Private Investor Group used the HUD system to perfect a twist on the Property Flip - Equity Skimming Scheme.  Because of the significant equity the step process included features common to the Reverse Mortgage Property Theft Scheme.  All these schemes are described in fraud teaching manuals, but evidently not resonating with HUD employees; including supervisors whom one would think would have this training.  It is common for white collar criminals to combine features of these classic financial schemes; adapting them to the victim and robbery goals.  The Property Flip Scheme is used to launder the chain of title to stolen residential homes for the same reason that illegally gotten drug money is laundered.  These five flips (sales) among same parties, laundering the chain of title.  Each flip involving four lenders involved HUD fraud.  
   The REO Private Investors devalued my home by $134,000; secretly purchasing my home from Bank of America on 5/16/2011 for $100,000. ... 

INSERT: To demonstrate how ludicrous this $100,000 sale price I've attached photographs of my home during the time I had it listed for sale and was living there.  The same time it was secretly sold to the white collar criminals - what I call the Jones, Kelley, Boyd Perpetrator Nexus - REO Private Investor Group.

...A Certificate of Abandonment would not have been verified by any lender connected to this theft.  Devaluation required a fraudulent appraisal, the phony Certificate of Abandonment, and self-dealing blind acceptance of the fraud narrative corrupting official records.
   The all important fraud narrative is inserted into bank records and is adapted to the circumstances of each victim.  In my case it was claimed that my home was  abandoned and derelict and I lived with my ex-husband in another state; a complete unmitigated lie.  Bank of America and the REO Secret Note Owners, then transferred servicing rights to a third party Mortgage Servicer Company.  The role of the Servicer was to perfect the phony default based on the fraud narrative.  In all communication with me, from 8/15/2011 thru 4/25/2012 the secret third party Mortgage Servicer Company represented themselves as Bank of America so that at any given time I was totally in the dark as to whom I was actually communicating with.   
   AS this secret back-story was playing out, it was entirely concealed from me.  I had no recognition of what was happening.  I was applying for HAMP and also (covering my bases) attempting to sell my own home.  I listed my home for sale on 5/5/2011. Eleven days later Bank of America secretly sold my home on 5/16/2011 per a JP Morgan Chase Bank Loan for $100,000 to the white collar criminal - REO Private Investors.  My listing, the only listing that was not a fraud device i.e., MLS #3223195 per Crye Leike Realty, legitimately valued my home at $234,000.  This listing was easily accessed per a simple Internet search, complete with photographs and the contact information of my realtor.  Her photographs of my home and this listing contradicted all claims of an abandoned and derelict property.  Contradicted the phony valuation which allowed the secret, illegal sale to the REO Private Investors for $100,000; undervalued by $134,000.  Later these same photographs were submitted with a decoy HUD-1, by the HUD appraiser who used them to confirm phony improvements made to the so called abandoned property rescued by the REO Note Owner Fraudsters "protecting neighborhood property values." This home improvement loan was pure profit, the loan funds not utilized for the stated purpose (Bank Fraud) and pocketed by the fraudster REO Investment Group.  
   Although this only valid listing that was not a fraud device evidenced by MLS #3223195 (selling price $234,000 - Crye Leike Realty) fell within the reporting requirements of HUD it was strategically omitted from the HUD-1 and the decoy HUD-1 comparisons.  This listing would also been concealed from each of the four known lenders who assisted in flipping the theft-asset, "laundering" the title of my property.  
   Was HUD interested in any of this?  No they were not.  I might as well have been speaking to a brick wall.  As a public citizen I was accorded no credibility to make these claims even when I offered proof and sent exhibits.  Why?  Because the fix was in and Obama's commitment to protect the banks, too big to fail, was carried out by HUD autocrats institutionally committed to bury desperate pleas for help from victims like me who had lost, per this fraud scheme, nearly all my worldly possessions.  

THE HUD1 AND THE DECOY HUD1 / I repeatedly called and begged for recognition that my home and its equity, was stolen. And that HUD was used by white collar criminals to perfect the chain of theft.  
   I acquired the first HUD-1 via a FOIA Request.  I acquired a partial copy of a second-decoy HUD-1, as a result of the complaint I lodged with the State of Tennessee against the HUD Appraiser for which he was mildly reprimanded...

(Larry Lane Billings,- Compliant No. 2015011901)

INSERT / Getting the State of TN to take any action whatsoever was like pulling teeth.  They failed to send crucial evidence of fraud to the HUD reviewer which allowed the State of TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance to manage and marginalize the substance of the fraud scheme which has a dangerous national footprint of operation and is certainly impacting other Tennessee citizens.  Only after I reminded them that they were sitting on proof of bank fraud did they take any action whatsoever. At which time the selected omission of evidence, failure to meet with me to go over my evidence, caused the reviewer to have a limited understanding and miss some salient proof of fraud. 

... Although use of a decoy HUD-1 is a blatant red flag, the persons I spoke to at HUD had  absolutely no interest in this; didn't even want a copy.  My experience with HUD employees at the Atlanta office was that they were "managing me," marginalizing my claims of theft, ignoring the proven national footprint of operation so that my complaint and the numerous red flags denoting fraud went absolutely nowhere.  
   The last flip and the HUD-1 acquired under FOIA, facilitated the 8/20/2012 "flip" per lender: Evolve Bank & Trust.  This was the fifth of five flips that succeeded in moving the chain of title out from under the secrecy of MERS into the public land records; looking like just an average residential sale to random purchasers. In fact this was a conflict of interest, arm in arm purchase by the same REO Private Investors.  Same buyer, same seller, same listing agent, same listing office, decoy HUD-1, decoy realtor.  
   The Evolve Bank & Trust, HUD-1 forges and forward dates by exactly one year the first secret sale of my home to the REO Private Investor Group via the JP Morgan Chase Bank Loan.  Changing the year... from 5/16/2011 to 5/16/2012.  Forward-dating various events in the chain of theft was a theme throughout and was no minor mistake of the HUD licensed appraiser.  The HUD-1, Uniform Residential Appraiser Report reads:  "normal sale to an owner occupant on 5/16/2012 for $100,000;" by no means a normal residential sale and a flagrant lie; devaluation of the theft-asset for purposes of price-fixing.  This "sale" actually taking place in May 2011 before launch of the HAMP Fraud scheme on 8/15/2011.   What happened to me is sadly, not unique and even though HAMP has pretty much run its course, the same chain of theft is today impacting countless homeowners.  
   This HUD-1, does document shared commission in the amount of $9,415.00 between Keller Williams and the decoy real estate firm, ERA Chamberwood Realty Group; see L, Settlement Charges. Instructions were conveyed over the Core Logic - Equator Work Order and tie all these parties together and which HUD had no interest in seeing a copy of.  They also had no interest in seeing MLS #3249765 which documents the Keller Williams listing agent also the buyer; acting as the straw buyer for the REO Investment Group.  Per this same HUD-1, Michelle Brunk, a Keller Williams Florida realtor, robo signed for Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon long after Bank of New York Mellon, as Trustee for the CWALT Investors were paid off at a loss by the white collar criminals in September 2011.  And long after Bank of America secretly transferred servicing rights on 5/19/2011 (no disclosure to me) three days after this first illegal sale based on the fraud narrative on 5/16/2011.  Thus concealing per the HUD-1 the true parties to the Evolve Bank & Trust FHA Loan Scheme (bank fraud); REO Investors perfecting the chain of  theft via this last flip and using HUD to do so.  
   Because the buyer and seller is one and the same entity, cash back at closing  was paid to the criminals.  The Evolve Bank & Trust HUD-1, acquired under FOIA, documents cash back at closing in the amount of $10,393,00.  Each of the five flips (sales among same parties) required a listing.  The listing and fraud device presented to Evolve Bank & Trust perfecting the FHA fraud scheme on 8/20/2012 is a corrupted version of fraud tool, MLS #3249765.  This altered corrupt MLS, also a fraud tool, omits Keller Williams as the listing agent and Keller Williams Note owner and straw buyers, Vernon Wayne Boyd and Sherry White Boyd.  A key filing instrument which proved Boyd's, Keller Williams Realtors, were straw buying a property they already owned was withheld from public filing by the colluding title company until after the FHA Loan with Evolve Bank & Trust was safely closed.  Therefore concealing recognition that the buyer and seller are one and the same...  Buying, "flipping" a property they've owned since 5/16/2011 and using the HUD System to perfect the chain of theft.  
   I have sadly concluded that Evolve Bank & Trust, who gathered and reviewed the closing documents... 

INSERT / I'm leaving part of this paragraph out of the public blog. 

... the complete lack of due diligence by this loan officer, who could view and access the secret transfer history of my home over the MERS System and could access my listing of 5/5/2011 is staggering in the complete lack of due diligence...  implies collusion with the REO Private Investment Group.  

My numerous attempts at trying to interest HUD in this fraud scheme to the extent that they would do something about it came to nothing.  It seemed to me that the culture at HUD saw me as a problem.  Why didn't I just give up and go away as countless others probably had?  They had no concern that as a senior citizen I was made homeless by this fraud scheme.  I cried as I described how under threats, lies, harassment, and misrepresentations of authority I was forced from my home by what I came to call the Criminal Enterprise "muscle;" the decoy realtor, ERA Chamberwood Realty Group. This illegal seizure of my property, based on the claim that a Fayette County TN Judge had ordered my eviction was a lie.  NO such order existed, not known to me until 2014.  
   If anyone at HUD bothered to check the fraud narrative inserted into Bank of America records, my sense is that they would believe this fraud narrative of an abandoned property and never looked twice at the fraud riddled HUD-1 and the decoy HUD-1, along with numerous other pieces of evidence - multiple red flags denoting fraud.  All at their finger tips to obtain and investigate.  HUD couldn't be bothered.  

I filed a Civil RICO Case in federal court on 4/20/2016.  Not having an attorney my case was dismissed on screening as time barred; dated per the third flip of the Note disguised as a foreclosure so as to perfect the illegal seizure of my home on 4/25/2012.  When I told HUD that I had uncovered 32 pattern examples which displayed the same chain of theft, offered to send them the documentation... well, there was no interest whatsoever.  If I had any real help from HUD it would not have been necessary to appeal this Civil RICO Case, under pauper status and pro se to the 6th Circuit which I have done.  It isn't too late for HUD to help me.  

INSERT: United States District Court, Memphis, TN.  Originating Case No. 2:16-cv-02263.  4/20/2016.  Amended Complaint filed November 15, 2016.  Objection to the Report and Recommendations filed: August 2, 2016
United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.  Alexandra Clair v. Bank of America N.A., et al.  Case No. 16-6672.  Assignment of Errors filed: November 5, 2016.

I am now legally homeless and I'm hoping, praying you can help me.  Many times I have had to choose between buying food or buying computer ink; paying for copies of documents so as to investigate this fraud scheme; work that people better situated, in positions of authority, should have taken up.

I will be praying for your success, for I know that a man of ethics and faith like you, can and will change the toxic culture at HUD which I directly experienced.  Toxic institutional systems resist change and so I know you will need prayer.  As a result of my experience I must sadly conclude that the HUD System appears to be designed to protect criminals, while disenfranchising victims; even the poorest among us.  Please change this.  And if you can help me I'd be very grateful.  

May Jesus Christ, in whom is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2: 3) guide, bless and empower the needed change that you and President Elect, Donald Trump, will bring to these systems that have entirely forgotten those they are mandated to serve.  

Yours Truly:  
Alexandra Clair / (901) 504-9704

Below are a few of the photographs from my original listing - the only listing that was not a fraud device.  MLS #3223195 - Crye Leike Realty Listing which extended from 5/5/2011 thru 11/6/2011; priced to sell in the depressed market of the day at $234,000.  This listing was sabotaged.  Not just because it was "dual listed" on industry only websites, but that it was identified as REO Owned as of 5/16/2011. I therefore had only three showings of my home during this time. I was not upside down on my loan. I could have sold my home, paid off all debt, and still walked away with cash.  I had been pre-qualified to apply for HAMP, sabotaged by the undisclosed 3rd party Mortgage Servicer Company who pretended to be Bank of America in all communication with me.  

This is accomplished per the Bank of America shared computer system networked through Bank of America preferred vendors. Other banks use versions of the same system to conceal the chain of theft of these mortgages.  

The property was targeted for its equity skimming potential and me, experiencing a tragedy at that time, as unlikely to fight back.  The perfect victim of Con-Artist Fraudsters and a feature common to the other victims I uncovered in the 32 pattern examples; all Oakland, TN properties.    
     These photographs were commandeered by the REO Private Investors, white collar criminals, to posture phony improvements which they claimed to have made to a derelict and abandoned property.  The fictitious home improvement loan funds pure profit to these criminals.  
        Does this look to you like an abandoned and derelict Property? It was conveyed to the fraudsters for $100,000; devaluation for purposes of fraud qualifies as Bank Fraud.  It was actually a fraudulent appraisal that got me started on investigating the theft of my home which led to me being threatened.  From 5/19/2011 my home showed on industry only websites like the Core Logic - Equator platform as an REO Owned Property. Therefore sabotaging my own listing. No realtor was going to show a property lacking a clean chain of title.  

Yes, I'm writing a book.  Emotional work since it takes me back and too often I find myself with tears flowing down my cheeks as I write.  Given a level playing field...  The absence of fraud and price fixing... would you have bought this house, sitting on the 6th hole of golf course for $100,000.00?  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT of COMMERCE AND INSURANCE - will my second complaint filed today open a real investigation? Or will it suffer the same fate as the first... limited, cursory, and giving a pass to white collar criminals?

I just filed a second complaint with the department within TN government that oversees the licensing of appraisers. My hope is that they will do their jobs.  My first complaint, now closed (complaint #201501190) described theft of my home by white collar criminals based on a series of fraudulent appraisals. The complaint was closed with a mere slap on the wrist to the last involved appraiser and no acknowledgement or apparent recognition of the chain of theft and crimes that were committed.  

Passing the buck they've suggested that I hire an attorney (I can't afford to do so) and that this is a job for a district attorney.  Well... what about the TN Attorney Generals Office?  And... from whom do they imagine these referrals come?  The TN Department of Commerce and Insurance is failing in their duty to protect disenfranchised TN citizens.  And they know it.  

More important for the welfare of TN citizens, those in control of outcome of my complaint chose to constrain and limit the investigation.  Despite the threat of ongoing theft per the same chain of theft assaulting other victims they are basically done.  And done with me.  I'm now supposed to give up and go away.  Well, sorry I care about future victims, even if they don't.  I've now asked them to open a new investigation based on the complaint I filed today.  

In the first complaint they ignored the fraud riddled and decoy HUD1 along with other selected and incomplete paperwork supplied by the appraiser in his defense. They have refused to meet with me to look at my evidence.  Why?  Because God-forbid they might actually be then required to do more than a cursory, deliberately limited and superficial investigation into a practice that has wide spread and toxic implications for homeowners all across this state.  They are protecting the criminals in failing to investigate the role of fraud-serving appraisals of my property in execution of what the FBI calls a Property Flip - Equity Skimming Scheme upon which corrupt, secret, and false property valuations depend.  

At the core of operations of this type of scheme are both the kingpin REO Private Investors who target these properties directly to banks, but must also collaborate with those willing state licensed appraisers (required of an FHA Loan) who will sell their integrity by affirming a corrupt valuation. Remember... this is an equity skimming scheme.  Undervalue the equity and resale value to banks (bank fraud) and the dollars add up fast.  Add to that an inflated and, or, bogus home improvement loan.  Then multiply whatever average the theft number come to by thousands of victims.  The TN Department of Commerce and Insurance is turning a blind eye.   

A fraud narrative establishes the right of third party REO Investors to obtain mortgages directly from the banks with no disclosure to homeowners like Linda Howard (her story below per Sept. blog.)

My home was sold to REO Investors in May 2011 by Bank of America, per a JP Morgan Chase bank loan taken out by the REO-fraudsters.  The sale and disclosing filing instruments were withheld from public scrutiny and deliberately not filed at the Register of Deeds Office in Fayette County, TN. This omission serves to impede recognition of this illegal first (flip) sale which under-valued my home by over $130,000; the corrupt first appraisal being a significant red flag.  There was no disclosure of this sale, nor of the change in Note Owner or change in the Mortgage Servicer ever made to me by Bank of America. The single goal was now the illegal seizure of my home based on threats, misrepresentations of authority and lies per ERA Chamberwood Realty Group functioning as the decoy Real Estate Company for Keller Williams - MEM 2, LLC.        

During the same period, in May 2011 that Bank of America secretly off-loaded my home for $100,000, I attempted to sell my own home. Taking the advice of my realtor who conducted comparisons of similar properties in my immediate neighborhood we agreed to at a sale price of $234,000.  This sale price is documented per MLS No.3223195 which ran from 5/5/2011 thru 11/6/2011 (6 months) and is the one and only legal valuation and listing that is not a fraud device.  The Crye Leike Realty marketing photographs taken by my Realtor on 5/5 2011 were later commandeered by the fraudsters to posture improvements made that were not needed; a fact that the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance has totally ignored despite requests by me that this be addressed i.e. to investigate how these photographs were presented in the Billings defense of my complaint.  Unknown to me, my home was then shown as REO Owned over industry only platforms and over the MERS system at the ludicrous sale price of $100,000.  

Of course, serving the fraud narrative, Larry Billings omitted the one and only valid listing and valuation of my home by Crye Leike Realty (MLS No.3223195) from his HUD comparisons since it contradicted his own conclusions which the REO Private Investors needed to perfect the chain of theft of my home per a last flip with Evolve Bank & Trust.  This was by no means even minimally addressed in the final conclusions of that first complaint.  Billings likely had nothing to do with the first appraisal that justified the sale for $100,000.  He could turn whistle blower and call the District Attorney's Office.   

Needless to say whatever illegal appraisal justified this sale price at $100,000 - a day glow red fraud flag - did sabotage my listing and prevented me from selling my own property at a time when I lived in my home. The role of the various Appraisers and fraudulent valuations utilized as a fraud device is not addressed in any way by the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance.  I have to assume that complaints by other TN residents running along this same vein have been systematically derailed in the same manner and per the same level of negligence by those with the power and duty to protect TN Citizens from white collar criminals.   

Keeping targeted home owners in the dark is exactly where con artists need their victims.  

So.. will the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance actually investigate theft of my home upon which a series of fraudulent corrupt appraisals by Licensed Professionals depend.   So far the answer is a resounding "no."  The investigation they did was superficial, cursory, and carefully constructed to limit the scope of their responsibility. 

Ask yourself.  Who does this failure help? Who does this failure hurt?  Count on the fact that when interest rates rise the numbers of TN victims who will be totally blindsided by theft of their homes will rise making some of these families and seniors homeless.  I'd like to see that addressed and dealt with now.  

I'll keep you posted as to whether the TN Department of Commerce and Insurance will open another complaint file that addresses these larger issues and actually investigate these crimes.  Or will they allow corrupt appraisers to continue serving the REO Fraud Network.  The Cook County Property Theft Unit (TN doesn't have one) has said that it is easier to steal a house than a car in the United States of America.  Sadly this is true.  

UPDATE.  As expected, since the fix is in and TN Government are far more invested in protecting the industry than they are in the public welfare.  My second complaint was promptly closed.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE COMPANY and LINDA HOWARD: Illegal Seizure and Theft of American Homes. Where is law enforcement? Why is the Investor that targeted the Howard home for theft not brought up on charges; not even named in her law suit?

Linda Howard and her husband, Memphis residents and senior citizens, made all their house payments on time and still had their home stolen by the same pattern of operation that impacted me.  While there are twists on this type of scheme and each person is in a different position the chain of theft is the same.  The theft process involves the transfer of the loan for servicing to a third party Servicer-Entity like Nationstar. How many times the loan is transferred (re-conveyed) and, or, sold is concealed by Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).  I suggest that Linda obtain the MERS transfer history of her property to discover the identity of the Note Owner that engineered and directed the actions of Nationstar Mortgage.  

Has her attorney done so?  On 9/27/2016 he told me "no."  I can't speak to Kevin Snider's decisions.  I don't know the details of Linda Howard's case.  However, many attorneys want quick settlements.  They deliberately limit these types of cases not naming all the culpable defendants.  This only empowers the perpetrator-criminals to continue the reign of theft of private property by this same operational means.  Or perhaps, Linda herself decided not to pursue other defendants.  I just hope Linda and her family were given a choice.    

Profit is always the motivation.  The incentive to keep this bottom feeder industry going to the detriment of the public welfare.  The secret and never disclosed Note Owner identity is carefully concealed in various documents; sometimes behind an REO ID number or a proxy-decoy Note Holder identity.    

It is the Note Owner (different from the Note Holder) that directs the hiring and then the actions of the third party Servicer-Entity like Nationstar Mortgage.  Often the Mortgage Servicer-Entity, that mortgage company hired to service the loan, is not hired for that purpose.  The goal is to engineer theft by deception.  The illegal seizures and phony foreclosures of these properties are "flips" of that property (laundering the title) among the same parties.  Often this is accomplished by use of the Warranty Deed serving as a fraud device. The goal is to feed the lucrative secondary REO Investor Industry where large fees and kickbacks are far more profitable than honestly depositing and assigning homeowner payments.  

Five years ago there was a glut of at-risk properties held by banks.  That is no longer the case.  Therefore the industry itself is targeting innocent victims like Linda Howard.  Many victims are locally targeted by the REO Industry looking for "marks" unlikely to fight back.        

Don't blame the victim.

Linda Howard was totally blindsided. Her home would have been sold, with no disclosure whatsoever made to her, before that first house payment was ever sent back. In this system of operation Linda saw various fees charged to her with no explanation.  This is the criminal enterprise conspirators charging her for theft of her own home. These homes are targeted for the equity theft potential.  They are undervalued via fraudulent appraisals.  It is this targeted equity that makes the fraud scheme lucrative for the con artist fraudsters.  See the Andy Wise reporting on the Linda Howard theft.  WMC Action News 5:

I had a relationship with one member of the con artist REO Investment Club during the period that my home was targeted for its equity and the fraud schemes transpired.  I did not recognize this person for the job she was sent to do, getting her foot in the door as the con-artist "front" woman.  I don't believe any person reading this would have recognized that they were targeted by serial scammers until after the fact. 

Like Linda Howard, the knowledge to be had that could inform what was actually taking place, knowledge I was lawfully and rightfully entitled to from Bank of America was never disclosed.  I therefore was incapable of mounting a defense, exactly the position that skilled con-artists need their victims placed in.  Sale of the note to my home and secret change of the conspirator Servicer-Entity was illegally withheld by Bank of America, and by every other player hired and dancing to the tune and direction of the REO Criminal Private Investor Group aka the secret Note Owners.  

This type of property fraud scheme requires a wide net.  It requires the expertise of a number of professions. The people behind those professions carry various degrees of culpability.  Unless I named them in the Civil RICO case I filed on 4/20/2016 with the Amended Complaint filed 8/23/2016 I have no plans to name them in the book I'm writing "In the Shadow of Goliath"  

I believe that all were induced by profit and the promise of ongoing business.  For some it was gaining inside access to a closed industry with the grandiose promise of large sums of money that could be made from the secondary troubled property/at risk mortgage industry.  All the players, by various levels of inducement lent and put at risk their professional credentials to a corrupt group of sociopaths.  The supporting cast in these types of Property Theft include title companies, lawyers, appraisers, insurance companies, loan officers just to name a few.   This supporting character list extends to those who fail to investigate these crimes. 

Why so many players induced to take part 
in these con-artist schemes?  

Because laundering the title of a stolen home is akin to laundering illegally gotten drug money.  The Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) business model is perfectly fitted to these property theft schemes.  The title to the home must be flushed through a chain of operative steps creating distance and concealing from any hero-investigator the identity of that entity who purchased the home in the illegal first assignment of the mortgage and then networked with the Servicer-Entity.   This process is essentially a twist on the classic Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme. After several secret and never disclosed "flips" engineered via fraudulent appraisals that slowly increase the valuation of the property (bank fraud) the final transfer and, or, sale emerges into the public record.  

In my case this last step is represented by a sale to two straw buyers, Keller Williams - MEM 2, LLC, Realtors.  This husband and wife team/Realtors acted as the selling office, the selling agent and then after the requisite number of property flips the purchasers.  ERA Chamberwood Realty Group acted as the decoy selling office.  The agent from Chamberwood acted as the Criminal Enterprise muscle forcing me from my home under threats, misrepresentations of authority, and blatant lies.  Both ERA Chamberwood Realty Group and Keller Williams shared a conflict of interest commission as documented in one of two fraud riddled HUD 1 per Evolve Bank and Trust.  Evolve Bank and Trust failed to perform fraud checking due diligence that would have revealed the twist on the Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme.  This final sale/flip per Evolve Bank and Trust among same parties allowed the Property to emerge into the public record disguised and masquerading as just another arms lengths transaction absent any conflict of interest.  Linda Howard will want to uncover what will be a similar chain of theft, following the trail of her Property Title and comparing what is filed in the public land records and what is strategically withheld from the Shelby County Register of Deeds Office.  One trick is that legal instruments are wrongfully filed in neighboring counties or even counties with the same name in other states.  

Without a doubt the Linda Howard Property will soon emerge by a similar theft pattern into the public record with all equity legally belonging to her stolen by REO Investor con-artist's aka White Collar Criminals.   

My heart goes out to Linda Howard.  She will be wise to obtain the transfer history of her property from the highly secretive Mortgage Electronic Registration System and uncover by what means/process her home was first identified for this version of the Property Flip-Equity Skimming Scheme.    

The long range goal.  The majority of the mortgages targeted for this type of theft, many owned by senior citizens, are pooled and sold directly to investment companies whose single goal is not to service the loans, but to evict the homeowner and bundle these properties as rental properties to be bought and sold as a Wall Street commodity.  

Deregulation by politicians, influenced by special interest groups in Washington, has allowed the Wall Street speculators to engineer this market.  The end result has made many victims homeless meaning that the cost to tax payers and social services is huge.  The common denominator behind these types of schemes is that BANKS,  the THIRD PARTY SERVICER-ENTITY like Nationstar in the Linda Howard theft, the WALL STREET SPECULATORS, and THE REO PRIVATE INVESTORS have colluded to commit wholesale theft and illegal seizure of untold numbers of homes from American Citizens. 

At no time during the chain of theft, creatively adapted to each situation, is there any disclosure of what is actually taking place.  This disenfranchised both me as it did Linda Howard from any means of defense during the period that the fraud schemes transpired. By the time Linda Howard began having her house payments returned she had no idea, and likely still does not, the true Note Owner identity that targeted and already had control over her Note/Mortgage. 

For this reason all Linda's desperate efforts to correct the Nationstar record went unanswered.  Nationstar Mortgage was far enough down the road as a fraud collaborator that there was no turning back.  No calling Ms. Howard and saying... "Oh so sorry.  We got your letters and realize a horrible mistake was made."  No!  This is not an administrative problem, minor mishap, or communication glitch.  This is a Criminal Enterprise theft of American homes.  Acknowledging Linda's many letters would have put Nationstar Mortgage at legal risk admitting fraud.  More important to Nationstar... admitting mistakes and reversing the bogus foreclosure of the Linda Howard home, a foreclosure that is in truth just another transfer of the title among con-artists, could result in the loss of business in the highly competitive arena of serving the REO Private Investor Industry.      

Keep in mind that the point at which the illegal eviction and wrongful ouster takes place... this is the mid point of the step process in the chain of fraud that defines this type of property theft.  The mid-point is not where the statute of limitations begins.  Don't think of the fraud scheme as limited to legal action at this point forward. This mid-point, at which the Title to stolen property is flipped, continues on after you are successfully forced from your home.  The subsequent filings should be examined very carefully.  Some instruments of transfer, sale and assignment are withheld in the covert MERSCorp Holdings, Inc. e-registry system.  That these filings are fully available to MERS-Members and the financial industry and not to us is criminal.  MERS is concealing fraud.  In mass, we need to demand our rights to have this system fully open and transparent and especially to those disenfranchised victims trying to figure out how their homes were targeted for theft and how they personally were targeted as vulnerable to white collar criminals.  

This is where law enforcement is needed.  Where are they? Often change comes from the ground up and not the top down.  I hope this and other blogs on my case will help inform those just trying to discover by what means they were targeted and victimized by a Property Theft Criminal Enterprise, Theft Ring. Let's not be silent.  Serial Con-Artist Schemers count on us not mounting a defense.  And by the way... if this happened to you and someone tells you the statute of limitations has run out... the truth is that under RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act) that statute of limitations (4 years for RICO) - that clock starts when you realize how you were scammed.  So if you are reading this find an attorney who won't lie to you about this and do your homework.  

My outlook email was hacked, but you can call me or connect over Facebook.  901-504-9704.  

All Whistle Blowers welcome.  And, I'm without an attorney. If there is someone out there willing to take on this Civil RICO Private Right of Action I'd be grateful.